If you have also been wondering why your progression level is stuck at 85% and you are pretty sure that you have completed all the quests, then you are wrong. Division 2 is filled with some different side missions that you have not discovered yet, and that is why the progress is stuck at 85%. In order to fill that bar completely, you must complete all 5 side missions one by one. All the side 5 sides are hidden and scattered around the map; unlike the regular mission, you have to figure out the location and look for the quest giver. But do not worry, we have got you covered in this Division 2 Side Missions guide; we have all the information regarding location, quest giver, and the quests themselves. So follow The Division 2 Side Missions guide to discover and complete the game and gain some exciting rewards.

division 2 hidden side mission

All the Division 2 Side Missions

Apart from the easter egg that you get in the large open world that this game offer, there are some hidden missions too. Unlike every other mission that you have encountered so far these, the Division 2 Side Missions are not located on the map, and that is why a vast majority of the users couldn’t get their hands on these Division 2 Side Missions.

If you are an explorer and adventurer, you must have got excited, and in case you are wondering what you will get in return for completing these quests, well, there are lots of compelling rewards.

  • Get your hand on new retro outfits
  • Get some blueprints for weapon mods
  • You will get extra experience points
  • Rewards that will improve your overall character
  • Rewards that will improve your weaponry
  • You’ll unlock harder difficulties
  • You will get to explore the different key buildings of Washington DC

By going through the rewards by now, you must have been motivated pretty well so if you are ready, below is the image that has the location of all the hidden spots. The aim is to visit these locations talk to the quest giver and begin the Division 2 Side Missions and earn rewards.

Division 2 hidden side missions

So from the above image, you can see that there are a total of five hidden locations. Below are all the locations mentioned with important descriptions and rewards for each quest.

1. Garage Stash

Garage Stash

Head to the Attic Safe House once you reach there; simply head North on 25th Street. Now take a right at K ST NW and again take an immediate right which leads you down an alley. You will see a house on the left and enter the underground to meet the quest-giver.

*REWARD: Force Feed .45 ACP Mag Blueprint

2. Missing Scavengers:

Missing Scavengers

Head to the Archive Safe House. Advance to the North to 20th St NW, you will soon pass the resource node, and soon pass a building with three American flags. From there, take a right down the alley. Now, if you see on the front, there will be a gay pride flag. If not, move around until you find it. Enter the building, and you will meet the quest giver.

*REWARD: C79 Scope (3.4x) Blueprint

3. Missing Wire Scavengers:

Missing Wire

Head to either Dark Zone East Charlie Control Point. From there, head North along the Dark Zone. Now simply Follow H ST NW till you encounter a large building American Food Store on the right between 4th St NW and 5 St NW. Get into the back of the room where the zip line is available now, climb through the ladder and Jump through a window. There you will find the quest giver

*REWARD: Osprey 9 Suppressor Blueprint 

4. Missing Curators:

Missing Curators

Head to the Castle Settlement. Search around the SW of the Castle and find a road named Independence Ave SW. Follow this road; it will lead you under the Castle. There you will find your quest giver.

*REWARD: Calibrated Link Blueprint.

5. Navy Hill Transmission:

Navy Hill Transmission:

Make sure that you are at the Foggy Bottom Truman safe house. Once you reach there, leave from there and make sure to leave through the North exit. Follow the path on the west and climb up and pass through the broken fence. Head to the left and climb up, then proceed straight to the car park. Soon you will reach a white van, and there will be a gate in front of the van. Get into the gate and climb down the ladder, and you will find your Division 2 Side Missions giver.

*REWARD: Nimble Link Belt Blueprint and Retro Field Uniform


In the above guide, we have gone through all the Division 2 Side Missions. We have also provided a little walkthrough of each Division 2 Side Missions and the rewards you will get on completion.

Hopefully, now you will be able to complete your hidden quests. For more guides on games, follow us. So this is all about the Division 2 Side Missions guide. Thank you!


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