If you have are planning to play Tree of savior and wondering is it worth playing in 2021, then this guide is for you. In this Tree of savior review, we will be going to cover each aspect of this game so that you can decide to play this game and does it is worth your time. Since its initial launch, the game has gone through some great and major changes, which make it a lot better than its first release.

Tree Of Savior Review

Tree of Savior Review: What Makes this Game One of the Well Knows RPGs

Let’s begin the Tree of savior review. If you have been around MMO RPG games, you must have heard of the Ragnarok game. Well, the tree of savior is highly inspired by Ragnarok, which was released long back in 2016. Tree of Savior, since the beginning, was a very hyped game. Users were eagerly waiting for it to drop on their steam client. Within a few days of release, there were more the 50K players joined this game. However, during the initial phase, the game received a mixed reaction. But thanks to the constant updates and improvements, the game managed to make its place in the MMO RPG genre, and it still has a great user base.

One of the major factors of the MMO RPG game is its server availability Tree of Savior is a game that has never faced any server issues. The game has pretty robust servers at various locations, including South America, North America, Europe, South East Asia. Users can download and install the game via Steam.

Visuals & Graphics

If you have looked at the gameplays and trailer, you must have noticed that the game character drawing persons are highly influenced by Anime and manga, which makes even enemies and other creature looks cute. The graphics and environment are pretty fantastic. It has a very nice 2-D style to it all though all the animations are actually in 3-D.

Music and Sounds

The environment setting is pretty stunning and soothing to the eyes. There are several maps where you can experience the climate effects like little leaves flowing around, winds, rain, and snow. The sceneries are really breathtaking, and I can say that the visuals and graphics of this game are some of the best if compared to other MMP RPG games.

Music & Sounds

Another thing that will hook you in the game is the amazing BGM and sounds in the game. The sounds and music are very fitting to the environment as well as the characters. However, there can be one thing that may bug you, and that is the voices of the character. It feels like that the voice is quite childish. It feels like a bunch of children are talking to each other, which contradicts the graphics and characters. The game features electronic music and high fantasy themes.

Tree Of Savior Review

Character Progression

One of the major aspects of MMO RPG games is character progression. In the tree of savior, the character progression is based on the Rank system. At the beginning of the game, you get to choose among 4 different classes, namely Swordsman, Wizard, Cleric, and Archer.


The game also has subclasses that you can get your hands on after increasing your rank. As you progress your journey, you get a lot of opportunities to advance your rankings, and then you can choose classes within your main class. There are a total of 9 character ranks, and with each rank, new classes are added to the list. So you do not have to worry about the character progression as it is very solid in this game.


Maps are the heart and soul of MMO RPGs. MMO RPGs are all about exploring maps, levels, and the environment. With each new map, you get the opportunity to advance your rankings. You get your hands on rewards, meet new people, and fight enemies you have never seen before. Each map in the game is pretty dense, and you require a good amount of time to explore each and every corner of the map.

Tree Of Savior Review

Story & Quests

Stories are what attract us to play the game. Tree of life certainly has a great storyline. MMP RPGs are known to have a great story along with a good amount of side quests. The main storyline of the game is obviously what the game is all about; this is the reason why you are in the game, why things are happening around you and why you are needed here, what is your purpose in the game. The game features a fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, creatures, and other players. The main story revolves around Angels and Demons. You will feel that the game has a final fantasy kind of touch, especially in terms of firearms and weapons.

As mentioned before, the game has a fair amount of side quests that you can grind to make yourself powerful and better.

Tree Of Savior Review


Tree of life is a beautifully crafted game that has over time improved and become better. In this Tree Of Savior Review, we have covered all aspects of the game. The guide talks about all the thing that make this game best and give you a reason why you should play this game.

Hopefully, by now, you have a good idea of the game. For similar reviews on games, follow us. Thank you!


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