If you are a fan of the Banjo-Kazooie video games or you have played any of the games in the Banjo-Kazooie series then surely at one time or another this one question must have popped into your mind; What kind of bird is Kazooie and is it even real? Well, this particular What Kind of Bird is Kazooie article aims to answer all your questions. As far as the video game is concerned Kazooie is a Red-Crested Breegull that has yellow and orange feathers. Kazooie is a feminine bird with long slender legs, a sharp yellow beak, and a few strands of hair at top of the head like a tuft. She has large wings and an overall skinny appearance. She lives inside the backpack that Banjo carries on his back and helps him through the game.

What kind of bird is kazooie

What Kind of Bird is Kazooie & Is it Even Real?

Okay So you have waited long enough and the answer to your question What kind of bird is Kazooie is that Kazooie is an imaginary bird. It is just for the game there are no real birds or bird species like Kazooie.

No, Kazooie is a Fictional Bird, it is Not Real!

A lot of people wonder if Kazooie is a real bird or the species as the game tells us it is a Red-Crested Breegull. Well in reality there is no existence of such a bird or species. It is just an imaginary bird that is created for game purposes.

What kind of bird is kazooie

About Banjo-Kazooie Video Game

Developed by Rare (Game Studio) Banjo-Kazooie initially release in 1998 for Nintendo devices within a short span of time the game got hit and resulted in three follow-up sequels. Later on, the game was made available not only on Nintendo devices but also on Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and even on mobile phones also.

Each game has its own storyline. As far as Kazooie is concerned; the character of Kazooie is pretty bold and often obnoxious. In the game, she is known to be a little grumpy also she has this habit of calling characters strange names. She is a little sarcastic in her talks and never leaves a chance for arguments. 

What kind of bird is kazooie

She might be on the colder side but she is the 2nd lead character of the game as she helps her friend Banjo throughout the game. Due to her light size long legs, she is quick in her fights furthermore the fact that she can fly is surely helpful in certain scenarios of the game as she can carry Banjo and fly. Her major skills which include Flight Pad, High Jump Pads, invincibility Wonder Wing, Talon Trot, and egg launching are very helpful in the game. As the game progress, the user gets the chance to play with both the character of the game. 

There are a total of Five major games in the series –

Banjo-Kazooie: released in 1998

Banjo-Tooie: released in 2000

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge: released in 2003

Banjo-Pilot: released in 2005

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts released in 2008


In this What Kind of Bird is Kazooie article, we have gone through some interesting talks about the Kazooie. We have talked about the character of the game and its importance. By now your query What kind of bird is Kazooie and Is it even Real is surely been answered.

For more guides on the games be sure to follow us. So this is all about this What Kind of Bird is Kazooie article guide. Thank you!


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