If you look at the Pupitar, the first thing that usually pops into the mind is that it is not much of a fun Pokemon. He looks like a stone crafted like a star. One more thing that usually leaves people stunned is that it is a second generation of the pokemon that is Pupitar is an evolved form of a pokemon. So let’s check out more about the What Level does Pupitar Evolve guide now. But do not underestimate it and certainly do not go on the looks of the pokemon; as simple, unpowerful, and basic as it may look Pupitar is something more than you think, there are some cool things that will amaze you about this pokemon which this article covers. Furthermore, your query is at what level does pupitar evolve? It will surely be answered with all the details so let’s proceed.

At what level does pupitar evolve

From which Pokemon does Pupitar Evolve?

Pupitar belongs to a pseudo-legendary bloodline. That is, it may not be a legendary pokemon, but its bloodline is as powerful as a legendary Pokemon. So let’s start from the beginning. If you have been following the Pokemon series, you must have heard of Larvitar. It is quite a famous pokemon and kind of cute as well. Larvitar, when it reaches level 30, it evolves into Pupitar. At this point, you must be thinking that they don’t even share a single fraction as far as the looks are considered. Well, it is true, but yes, Pupitar is an evolved form of Larvitar.

At What Level does Pupitar Evolve & To Which Pokemon?

Another amazing thing is that while Pupitar might not share any looks with any of its other forms but the final form is pretty convincing. With that in mind, the answer to your question At What Level does Pupitar Evolve is Pupitar evolves at level 55, which is surely a pretty high level to reach. But if somehow the Pupitar reaches that level, it evolves into something mighty, powerful, invincible Pokemon called Tyrnitar. It is a very powerful pokemon. The power is considered equivalent to that of legendary pokemon. 

Level 55 & Tyranitar

At what level does pupitar evolve

Similar to other pseudo-legendaries, surely you need to be at a pretty high level, but if we compare it to other legendary pokemon the level is pretty decent before it finally evolved into Tyranitar. If you have Pupitar and want to evolve it into the Tyranitar, then you need to make sure that it goes through intense training and hard work to reach level 55. So now Hopefully you will get to know about What Level does Pupitar Evolve it.

Alternate Way to Evolve Pupitar

However, there is another way to speed up the process using the Prism stone. For those who are not aware of the Prism stone, it is a special stone that has the ability to evolve a pokemon to its successor even if it has a lower level. 

So using the Prism stone, Larvitar can be evolved into Pupitar even if the level is as low as 20. Similarly, Pupitar can also be evolved to Tyranitar even if the level is as low as 40.

What Level does Pupitar Evolve


So this is all about the What Level does Pupitar Evolve guide here. Pupitar is a pokemon that can deceive you with looks, but if it goes through intense training, it evolves into something invisible. In this guide, we have tried to answer your query at what level does Pupitar evolve. The guide also covers the alternate way to evolve the pokemon and some insights regarding the pokemon.

Hopefully, your query is cleared for more articles on pokemon like this What Level does Pupitar Evolve and what games? Hope you like this What Level does Pupitar Evolve guide from here now. Follow us. Thank you!


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