ARK survival evolved is a survival game; unlike other survival games where you have to hide from enemies and protect your life from being attacked by any firearm or bomb, ARK has a distinct approach. The game is set in an open-world environment where you have to explore, fight, and survive various types of creatures, including dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. The game can be played in the third person and from a first-person perspective. The game was launched for many devices, including Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Our today’s guide for PC users, there have been a lot of complaints regarding a stranger error called ark low level fatal error. According to the users, the game crashes instantly after launching. In this guide, we will be discussing all of its possible solutions.

Guide To Fix Ark Low Level Fatal Error

Causes of Ark Low Level Fatal Error Problem

Talking of the causes behind ark low level fatal error d3d, some known causes trigger the error. According to many users, the error appears majorly because of corrupted or missing game files. Furthermore, if you are using any game optimization application like MSI Afterburner or similar, then also the issue persists. Last but not least, the graphics driver; if the graphics driver is not up to date, the error will occur.

Similar Types of Ark Low Level Fatal Error Issue

  • Ran out of memory
  • On startup
  • Line 513
  • Line: 3920
  • D3d device lost
  • Bad name index
  • Line 201

How to Fix Ark Low Level Fatal Error Problem Issue

If you are also facing the below solutions will surely be helpful. All of the below-demonstrated methods have been tested and working. 

1. Verify the Integrity of the Game Cache

Many users have confirmed that the issue is most likely to occur when the game files are corrupted or missing. With the below steps, we can quickly solve this Ark Low Level Fatal Error ran out of memory issue. 

  • STEP 1. Launch your Steam Client and head to your Games Library
  • STEP 2. Locate the game on the left-hand side
  • STEP 3. Once you have found the game, Right-click on the Game and go to Properties
  • STEP 4. There must be a Local Files tab; click on it
  • STEP 5. Once you click on the tab below, there will be a button for Verify Integrity of Game Cache

ark crashing

  • STEP 6. Click on the button and let the process run
  • STEP 7. Once the process is over, you can launch the game without issues

2. Disable the Game Optimization

If you have tried the above and it does not work, follow this Ark Low Level Fatal Error d3d device lost method. If you are any memory optimization application or game boosting application, then there are chances the game will crash.

A lot of users have confirmed that by running the game while these memory optimization applications are running, you might face crash issues. So kindly disable them altogether. The below steps are for disabling the Game optimization in Nvidia Geforce.

  • STEP 1. Go to the Start Menu and Search For GeForce experience
  • STEP 2. Once the application opens up in the upper right corner, click on the Gear Icon
  • STEP 3. Now on the Left, click on the Games tab, then on the right, untick on Automatically optimize newly added games

Automatically optimize newly added games

  • STEP 4. Save the changes, and now try running the game

3. Update Graphics Driver

If you are still getting the Ark Low Level Fatal Error line 176, the graphics driver may not be up to date. It is recommended that you must update your driver.

  • STEP 1. Open up the Nvidia Geforce Experience application
  • STEP 2. Now on the top, click on the Driver tab

Geforce Experience Ark Low Level Fatal Error

  • STEP 3. On the right in the Search bar, locate your NVIDIA GPU
  • STEP 4. Now download and install the latest driver

Geforce Experience Ark Low Level Fatal Error

4. Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

If the Ark Low Level Fatal Error d3d is still not fixed, try running the game with the Windows 7 compatibility mode.

  • STEP 1. Close the game completely, and head to the launcher file of the game
  • STEP 2. Right-click on the launcher file and go to Properties, then click on the Compatibility tab
  • STEP 3. Below the tickmark on Run this program in compatibility mode for

Run this program in compatibility mode for Ark Low Level Fatal Error

  • STEP 4. From the drop-down list, choose Windows 7, then save the changes
  • STEP 5. Now try running the game, and it should run fine


In the above guide, we have demonstrated all the solutions that will eliminate the ark low level fatal error issue. We have briefly discussed all the possible causes of this issue also.

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