A lot of users are facing various issues with the origin game client. Multiple users have claimed that the client does not respond after launching while some users are saying that it is crashing right away. This issue is frustrating for the users as they are not able to access or play the game. No matter how many times you restart the application this issue persists. If you are also facing the same issue then follow this guide. We will be covering all the reasons that trigger the origin not loading properly issue as well as all the solutions that have been found to be working.

Origin Not Loading

About Origin Client

If you know about the Steam client consider it similar to that, the original client is published by the Electronic art video game company. Origin is a platform where you get access to tons of games you can buy, manage, update, and share your games. The client comes along with social media integration which allows you to share, like, comment and chat with your friends.

Why Does the Origin Not Loading Properly Issue Occur

After examining this issue and assessing it we have managed to collect some things that can trigger this issue. The Origin Not Loading game library issue does not have a common or single cause there are multiple reasons why this issue appears. For starters the corrupted cache files, and system files of the application. Furthermore, common issues like outdated graphics drivers, and running an outdated version of the application might also trigger the issue. 

  • Corrupted Application system, cache files
  • Outdated Application
  • Outdated Graphics Driver

Similar Types Of Origin Not Loading Properly Issues

  • Origin not loading mac
  • Origin not working on windows 10
  • Origin not loading after login
  • Origin download
  • Origin not responding
  • Origin not installing
  • Origin opens but won’t load
  • Origin not logging in

How to Fix Origin Not Loading Properly Problem Issues

Origin Not Loading properly Issues commonly occur in windows 10 majorly, in case you are facing this issue in earlier versions of windows as well then also you can use these solutions. The solutions demonstrated below are working for the users depending on the actual cause the solution might differ. So choose a suitable solution.

1. Update Origin Client to the Latest Version

So the first Origin Not Loading 2019 method that we suggest is to update the client to the latest version. Updating the application replaces the existing files. In case the system files are corrupted and causing the issue then it will be fixed.

Origin not loading

2. Removing the Corrupted Cache Data

So the most effective way to fix the Origin Not Loading Windows 10 issue is to clear out the cache issue of the application. Sometimes the cache gets corrupted due to various reasons like recent recovery from a virus attack or system restoration. The cache also gets corrupted if you have done any major system updates. Follow the below steps to clear out the cache.

  • STEP 1. First of all Close Origin clients completely
  • STEP 2. Now open up the Run window by pressing the Windows + R at the same time 
  • STEP 3. Now in the field type %ProgramData% and press Enter


  • STEP 4. Locate and get inside the Origin folder and Delete all the files and folders except LocalContent 

Origin Not Loading

  • STEP 5. Open the Run window again and type %AppData% and press Enter


  • STEP 6. In the path click on AppData then go to the Local folder
  • STEP 7. And Delete the Origin folder

Origin Not Loading

  • STEP 8. Finally, Restart your PC and run the origin client to get rid of Origin Not Loading anything.

3. Update the Graphics Driver

Even after deleting all the temporary files, the Origin Not Loading games issues appear to check if the graphics driver is up to date. If there are any updates available install them.

  • STEP 1. Go to the start menu and search for the NVIDIA Geforce Experience application

NVIDIA Geforce Experience application

  • STEP 2. Once the application opens up the top click on the Drivers tab

NVIDIA Geforce Experience application

  • STEP 3. Now on the top right click on check for updates to get back from the ea Origin Not Loading error.

4.  Reinstall the Origin Client

In case the above methods do not work then the best way would be to reinstall the origin client. Hopefully reinstalling the latest version will fix the Origin Not Loading mac issue.

  • STEP 1. Make sure the Client is not opened up
  • STEP 2. Now head to the settings and then Apps
  • STEP 3. Locate the origin client click on it and click on Uninstall button

uninstall Origin

  • STEP 4. Once uninstalled, follow STEPS 2-8 of Method 2
  • STEP 5. Now restart your system and open up a browser 
  • STEP 6. Click on this link, once the webpage is opened up, click on the download button
  • STEP 7. Once the Origin setup file will be downloaded, install, and use, hopefully, the Origin Not Loading my games issue will be fixed

uninstall Origin


The above guide talks about some of the working ways to fix the Origin not loading properly issue. We have talked about the possible causes behind this issue and demonstrated some ways to fix it.

We hope that by following the solutions your Origin Not Loading properly issue will be fixed. Thank you!


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