Far Cry 5 this time is set in the fictional city called Montana. You play the role of a Sherrif who belongs to Hope County. One of the main highlights this time around is the vast setting of the game. There are wide-open farms, grasslands, fields with cows, and tractors. The area has mountains, lakes, and forests. The setting this time is pretty wild. And since it is wild, you will encounter wildlife also. While you are out in the wild discovering, exploring, and fighting enemies, you will need to fight to bear also. There is a quest in the game called Clinical Study mission which requires you to track down three grizzly bears in the area. The problem that users are facing is that there is no mini-map this time in Far cry 5. So it is hard to track down the location. But do not worry in this article; we will point out all Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations so that you can complete the mission easily.

Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations

About Farcry 5

Farcry 5 is one of those games that users had an expectation of; users were hoping for some big changes in the game. But it was not as big as expected; Far Cry 5 is a typical Far Cry game that is more refined. This does not mean that the game is bad or not as per expectation. In fact, it is super fun to play with some new elements, and improve the game will surely give you an immersive experience.

Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations

The game’s questing and exploration structure this time around is changed. Now, this is subjective as some people love it while some are not so impressed by this. This time around, the game is much more focused on organic wild exploration and discovery. You have to really engage with the world and environment, and slowly, the map will start populating. The game still has typical Farcry elements like sneaking around in tall grass, stealth killing enemies, blowing up stuff, shooting enemies and wildlife, hire soldiers, drive vehicles, etc. All in all, this installment of the game really just increases the level of the entire series.

Finding out Far Cry 5 Grizzly Bear Locations

FANG Center in Jacob’s region

If you have been wandering around the vast setting of the game, there are chances that you have encountered these locations. In case you do not in the section Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations, we will tell you each location.

In Far cry 5, there are a total of six locations where you can hunt down grizzly bears. However, reaching the location does not mean that you will find the bears wandering. You have to look out for them, and surely after moving around the location, you can find one.

One of the best locations that I can guarantee is the FANG Center in Jacob’s region. Once you reach the FANG center, you have to move southwest of the FANG Center, and then you will find the wooded area. In the wooded area, you will surely encounter bears.

Hunting Down the Bears

Fighting with the Bears is very hard. You have to make sure that the skin of the bear is not damaged by you. Weapons like flame throwers and explosives are not suitable for the mission.

When you go for the bear hunting mission, I advise that you bring Boomer along with you. It will be a great help in sniffing out the bears from very far. Distance is something that you have to keep in mind while fighting. If the bear gets close to you, consider yourself dead.


As far as the weapons are considered, it is recommended that use sniper rifles, if I talk specifically, use the  MBP .50 or the SA-50 sniper rifles to kill the bear swiftly. Apart from that, you can also bring an AKM assault rifle or an M60/ M249 light machine gun. All of these weapons are pretty suitable to kill the bear without damaging the skin while maintaining distance. Also, make sure that you aim for the head to finish him off quickly.

Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations

Once the bear is down, you can easily skin him and complete the mission. You can also sell the fur for a very big sum of money.


Tracking down and killing a bear is not an easy task, especially if you are not ready in this guide on Far cry 5 grizzly bear locations. I have given multiple crucial pieces of information regarding the mission. The guide covers majorly the location of bears and suitable weapons to take on the hunt, some important tactics to fight with the bear.

Hopefully, all your queries have been answered. Thank you!


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