It has been more than a year since Borderlands 3 was released, and we have seen many games during this time; however, borderlands has maintained its spot in the heart of users. This is why developers are frequently pushing updates and DLCs to the game. Our today guide revolves around the Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle. Borderland has launched its Bloody Harvest Halloween event. This event brings a lot of thrilling and exciting puzzles, challenges, rewards, new weapons, and cosmetic items. This is a delight to all the users who like shootouts, fighting, and earning loads of rewards.

Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle

Among the various puzzles and challenges, there is the Pumpkin puzzle which is making users scratch their heads. While all the task requires skill, this puzzle requires some thinking. In case you are also wondering how to solve this Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle. Follow this simple guide and help yourself in beating this puzzle in moments.

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Walkthrough Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle

With the bloody harvest event, all the users are welcomed to a brand new Borderlands realm. You enter into the heck and get to see a fair of puzzles and challenges. One of them is the Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle, a.k.a Easy as the pumpkin pie puzzle. 

So first things first, you have to be into the Heck hole.  In order to get into the heck hole, you need to have 25 Hectoplasm. 

Reach the Location

1. Go to the Temple, which is found halfway through the Heck Hole Area

Once you have entered the hole. Now, as you move forward, you will come across the Temple area, which you can see below in the image as well.

Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle

Be aware that the location is being guarded by multiple enemies ranging from low to medium strength. You can defeat them easily if you have been playing for a very long time. 

2. Check what the Color of the Jack-o-lantern on the far-left side of the Room is from the Bottom of the Stairs.

Once you have defeated the enemies, proceed inside the temple. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed by the four colorful Jack-o-lanterns on pedestals at the top of a few stairs. These must be glowing with different colors.

As you turn around a little left, you will see wine and a treasure. The aim of this Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle is to get to the chest and collect the reward.

Get past the Jack-o-lanterns, and you will see skulls that are glowing, corresponding to the Jack-o-lantern’s blue, green, yellow, and pink. These skulls are kind of levers. Now head back down to where the pumpkins are present.

Solve the Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle

Here you have to simply memorize the order of colors of the Pumpkin colors, which are glowing. Remember the order of color from right to left. Once you have memorized the color goes back to the skulls and pull them down in the same order of colors that you have memorized.

Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle

There are chances that you see the same color twice on the pumpkin; just pull the skull twice. For e.g., If the order of pumpkin color is Blue, Blue, Green, Pink; then pull the Blue skull twice, then Green, Pink.

Borderlands 3 pumpkin puzzle

Once you have pulled the skulls, you can see the wall has broken down. Now you can access the chest.

Also, if you pull the skulls and hear the laughing sound, that means you have failed the Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle.


The above little walkthrough guide talks about the Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle. The puzzle is not that hard until you have figured it out. If you have failed to solve the Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle several times, we hope that the guide helped you.

For more guides on games, follows us. So this is all about this Borderlands 3 Pumpkin Puzzle guiding article. Thank you!


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