While playing Subnautica like many other players at first, you are not well aware of the game dynamics and hydrate yourself frequently without knowing that you have to put in some hard work to get fresh water. Later when the water signal starts blinking you realize that you need to hydrate yourself. The main issue at this point is that you have no idea how to get the freshwater to drink. If you are also facing a similar scenario then follow this How to Get Water in Subnautica guide. This guide covers all the important insights on How to Get Water in Subnautica.

Subnautica How to Get Water

A little introduction of the Game

Subnautica is a survival game that is based in an open world environment, the story starts with you as a player in a spaceship that crashes on an alien planet 4546B. The game features beautiful ocean life and you get to explore various fish and animal species. Furthermore, you also have to maintain your thirst, hunger, and oxygen for survival. 


You have to find a constant and steady supply of food and water with the help of fishes, ocean plants, and similar other things. However, this is just a small portion of the game. The game features a beautiful story as well that contains an apocalyptic disease, the two and half- hundred-year-old ocean emperor, and all in all an immersive storyline, revealing it more would be a spoiler.

How to Get Water in Subnautica: 2 Best Ways

Now that you have the basic idea of the game and the importance of various survival aspects. Let’s go through all the steps that you need to know to get an unlimited and steady supply of fresh drinking water.

Although there are several ways to get freshwater, however among all of those there are two easy ways on How to Get Water in Subnautica without having to do much hard work. The first is through the bladderfish and the second is through the creepvibe.

1. Using the Bladderfish

The best and the most effective way to get plenty of fresh water is using the bladderfish. You can swim inside the ocean and there is a lot of bladderfish to get your hands on. Now follow the below turn bladderfish into the water.

  • STEP 1. So firstly get into the ocean, and looking for the bladderfish
  • STEP 2. Bladderfish is purple in color, as you can see in the picture below

Subnautica how to get water

  • STEP 3. You can find it moving here and there around stones and all

Subnautica how to get water

  • STEP 4. Once you catch it go back to the base at Fabricator
  • STEP 5. Now go to Sustenance > Water  > Filtered Water

Subnautica how to get water

  • STEP 6. And you will see that now you have fresh water to hydrate yourself

Subnautica how to get water

2. Using the Creepvine

Another way to hydrate yourself is through the creepvine. Creepvine gives you small amounts of water as well as food. In order to get food and water from creepvine you need to have a survival knife. Without the survival knife, it will be possible to cut the creepvine, and therefore no way to get food and water.

To create a survival knife you need Titanium and Silicon Rubber. Both of them are very easy to get.

Titanium: You can easily obtain it from Scrap Metal fragments, rock

Silicon Rubber: You can obtain it from Creepvine seeds

Once you have both the items, head back to the base at Fabricator and follow the below steps.

  • STEP 1. Go to Resource > Basic Materials > Titanium


  • STEP 2. once titanium is made, now form Silicon rubber go to Resource > Basic Materials > Silicon Rubber

slilicone rubber

  • STEP 3. Now to form the knife, go to Personal > Tools > Survival Knife

survival knife

  • STEP 4. Once you have the knife head to the creepvine cut them

Subnautica how to get water

  • STEP 5. Head to inventory and there you can see you get  +3 food and +1 water

Getting your hands on freshwater in subnautica is not that hard if you know all the ways. Obviously, if you have just started the game it will be quite hard to figure out and not all the ways are that easy to accomplish. That is why we have put together this guide How to Get Water in Subnautica to make the process a little easy.

We hope that by following this How to Get Water in Subnautica guide your queries have been cleared. For more How to Get Water in Subnautica guides and other gaming, stuff follows us. Thank you!


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