Recently, many users have been facing the How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 error. The error occurs on the PC version of the game. Users have claimed that the error appears after playing the game for a few minutes. For some users, the screen turns black, and soon after that, the error appears. While some of them claim that the game freezes in the middle of the game within a few seconds, the error appears. A lot of users have been through this error. So in this troubleshooting guide, we will be giving you some ways by which the error can be eliminated.

Scan and repair destiny 2

Causes for How to Scan And Repair Destiny 2 Problem Issue

Talking of the causes, the error can occur due to some possible corruption in the game files. The error can be a temporary glitch as well. Furthermore, some users have also said that an error might appear if the system specification is lower than the minimum game requirements. Also, insufficient memory is one of the causes behind this.

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How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 Problem Issue

Here we have demonstrated all the possible ways to eliminate the How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 Error.

1. Basic Troubleshooting Points

To fix the issue without giving rise to any other error, it is recommended that you go through the below important points to fix the How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 issue.

  • Run with Administrator Permission: Many users have recommended always running or Steam; whatever you are using, use it with administrator permissions.
  • Check Game Specifications: Ensure your system satisfies the minimum game requirements. Otherwise, you will fall into these errors frequently.
  • Disable Overlay Applications: It is suggested that you disable overlay applications like Discord, Nvidia Geforce Experience, Any sort of screen recorder application, etc.
  • Make Sure Drivers are Up to Date: Make sure that the driver is running the latest version.
  • Disable Antivirus: Disable Windows firewall, and if you use any third-party application, kindly disable it too.

2. Scan and Repair the Game

If you have gone through the above points and everything seems fine, you can proceed to this method. In this method, we will scan and repair the game. The How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 method is fairly easy; follow the steps now.

  • STEP 1. Launch the Blizzard application
  • STEP 2. Once it is opened, locate the game and click on it
  • STEP 3. Below you will find a little icon saying Option; click on it
  • STEP 4. Now select Scan and Repair > then Click Begin Scan

Scan and repair destiny 2

  • STEP 5. The process may take a few minutes so wait
  • STEP 6. Once done, try running the game

3. Set the Game to the Priority List

The error has also been appearing if there are not enough resources available to the game. This method will try to fix the How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 issue. Follow the steps now.

  • STEP 1. Press ALT+CTRL+DELETE and a new window will open up
  • STEP 2. From the list, choose Task manager
  • STEP 3. Under the process tab, locate the call of duty
  • STEP 4. Once you find it right-click on it, and from the menu list, choose Go to details
  • STEP 5. Again right-click on
  • STEP 6. Now select Priority and choose High

Scan and Repair Destiny 2


We have covered all of how to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 Errors can be eliminated. We have also covered all the possible causes behind this error as well.

Hoevereer, tell us if you have fixed the How to Scan and Repair Destiny 2 issue in some other way. For more tips and guides on gaming, follow us. Thank you!



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