Can’t connect to Xbox live, unable to login to your Xbox live account, failed to run the game on Xbox Live. Well if you are facing these issues chances are that the Xbox server is down.  A few months before, Xbox live service was down. Obviously, this situation created panic among users, and it became more awful when the service did not come online for more than five hours. In situations like this people get confused whether the issue is with their internet connection, network settings, hardware, or the server. So considering this problem we have put together this helpful guide. In this guide, you will get important solutions and guidance that will help you in finding whether the issue is from your side or the server-side.

is xbox live down

What are the Possible Causes of the issue?

Issues like this do not have a single cause there can be multiple reasons behind the issue. As mentioned above the issue can be from your side or the server-side. Chances are that your internet connection is either running poorly or not working at all. Maybe the recent system update caused some issues with the network settings and you are not able to access the service. Maybe your router is not working properly. And lastly, the server can be down preventing you from using the service. So as you can see that all these issues can be the possibility of inaccessible Xbox live service.

  • Your internet connection is either not running poor or not working
  • issues with the network settings
  • Internet router is not working properly
  • Server issues

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Is Xbox Live Down or Not: Find Out If Xbox Server Is Down?

By now you know that if Xbox live service is inaccessible then there can be multiple causes of that. Now let’s see some tips and solutions that will help you in finding out whether Xbox Live is Down or your system is having some sort of issue.

1. Check if the Internet is Working Fine

So the very first and obvious thing to do is to first check if your internet is even working or not. To find that out you can simply open up a few websites and if they are loading just fine that means your internet is working fine.

You can also try to restart your internet router, you can find the power button at the back of the router.

is xbox live down

2. Restart Your System 

There are chances that it might be a temporary problem due to some glitch. Chances are there might be some application is running in the background which caused the glitch. Maybe you have recently updated your system or made any changes. In that case, you need to simply restart your system, and once the system boots up check if the issue persists.

  • STEP 1. Press ALT+F4, and pop will appear
  • STEP 2. From the pop up choose Restart


3. Check the Server Status Page

If you are sure that your internet absolutely fine then your next steps should be to check the server status page of Xbox live. A lot of users are unaware of this page but there is a dedicated page that tells about the real-time status of the Xbox live service. Follow the below steps to see how you can find it.

  • STEP 1. Firstly launch the browser on your desktop
  • STEP 2. Now simply click on this link to directly open up the webpage
  • STEP 3. Once the webpage opens up you can see under the Xbox Status whether the services are running or not

live status

  • STEP 4. In case the servers are down you can only wait for it to come live

4. Ask from a Friend

Xbox live is an online service and obviously, you have played multiplayer games with your friends as well. So Another way to find if the Xbox Live service is running or not is to simply ask your friend who also uses the service. If your friend is from another country there are chances that the Xbox live is working in his/her country. However, if the friend belongs to the same country as yours then it will confirm the issue that it is in fact server issue.

5. Contact Xbox Live Support

If you are unable to connect with your friend then you can also try to contact the Xbox live support. All you need to do to simply visit this link and there you can either start a chat or call them.



Server problems may occur due to some technical difficulties, Xbox live is not an exception. If you are unable to connect to the game server, there are high chances that it might be a server issue. And how do find Is Xbox Live Down or not? well by follow the above solutions.

Hopefully, these solutions will resolve your issue. Thank you!


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