Destiny is a very popular game among gamers, and it is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. Destiny 2 was released back in 2017 for PC users. But there are a lot of users who are facing Destiny 2 Crashing issues with the game. Users are complaining about some crash issues with the game. There are two scenarios in which the game crashes.

Destiny 2 keeps crashing

At first, while launching the game, the screen turns black, and the game crashes. Later, the whole game system hangs, and to fix this, the user has to restart the system. At the same time, some users claim that the error appears after a few minutes of gameplay. Do not worry anymore; in this troubleshooting guide, we will go through all the possible ways to fix the Destiny 2 crashing PC error.

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Causes of Destiny 2 Crashing PC Problem Issue

As reported by the users, the error does not occur to anyone specific error, and there are multiple causes behind the error. The major cause behind the issue is missing DLL files and corrupted system files; furthermore, the active window firewall is another major cause. Similarly, insufficient memory, memory overclocking, and overlay programs like Spotify and Nvidia GeForce suite are some possible causes of this Destiny 2 crashing PC error.

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Crashing PC Problem Issue

Fixing Destiny 2 crashing PC Error isn’t that hard; feel free to try the below methods to fix the issue.

1. Putting Game on the Priority List

So the first way by which users have fixed the Destiny 2 crashing PC issue is by putting the game on the priority list. Putting the game on the priority list gives sufficient memory to the game, and the game does not crash. Now follow the steps.

  • STEP 1. Right-click on the Taskbar
  • STEP 2. From the list, choose Task manager
  • STEP 3. Under the process tab, locate the launcher
  • STEP 4. To set its priority, right-click on it and Go to the details
  • STEP 5. Again right-click on
  • STEP 6. Here you can set the Priority, set it to High

  • STEP 7. Finally, save the changes, and run the game

2. Run the Game with Administrator Privileges

If you run the game without administrator permission, you might experience the Destiny 2 Crashing PC 2019 error. No matter whether you are using steam or launcher. Make sure to use the admin permission when you run the game using these launchers.

  • STEP 1. Right-click on the launcher file
  • STEP 2. From the menu, choose Run as an administrator
  • STEP 3. For Permanent, make this program run as administrator, again Right Click on the launcher
  • STEP 4. Go to Properties
  • STEP 5. Move to the Compatibility Tab
  • STEP 6. Below check on Run this program as an Administrator checkbox

Run this program as an Administrator

  • STEP 7. Save the changes
  • STEP 8. Perform the same steps for and Steam

3. Moving the DLL Files to a Suitable Location

One of the causes behind this Destiny 2 Crashing on PC error is that the GFSDK_Aftermath_lib.dl file has to be kept in a certain directory to fix the crash issue of the game. Follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1. Go to the Start Menu, now click on My computer
  • STEP 2. Head to the location below
C:\Program Files\Destiny 2\
  • STEP 3. Once you reach the location, look for GFSDK_Aftermath_lib.dll
  • STEP 4. Now copy the DLL file and paste it to the below location
Destiny 2\bin\x64\

4. Disable CPU/GPU Overclocking & System Boost

  • Since the latest gaming machines allow users to overclock their system processors’ frequencies, users take advantage of these. Although most of the time, they do boost performance and gaming experience. But not all the games support this overclocking scenario.
  • Furthermore, don’t use any sort of boost program. Recently most laptops and PCs have inbuilt with a performance-boosting program, and they tend to increase performance by some percentage. But as with overclocking, some games don’t cop with it, and Destiny 2 Crashes on startup.

5. Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Points

If the above methods fail to solve your Destiny 2 Crashing on the loading screen issue. We suggest you go through the following important tips.

  • Disable Antivirus and Firewall: It is highly recommended that you run the game with the firewall disabled. Also, if you are using any third-party antivirus, disable it as well.
  • Disable Overlay Applications: Make sure any overlay application is disabled. Some of them are


The above troubleshooting guide gives you all the ways to eliminate Destiny 2 crashing PC errors. Furthermore, we have briefly discussed all the possible causes of the issue.

We hope your Destiny 2 crashing PC issue has been fixed. Thank you!


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  2. Another solution I’ve found after doing all of this was deleting my temporary files on my computer. I had 15gb of temporary files and ever since I deleted those, Destiny 2 has not crashed. I’m pretty sure the shader cache was the culprit.


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