If you are looking for your PS4 Mac address, chances are that your router is not adding your device. So all you can do is now manually add the console using the Mac address. Finding your PS4 Mac address can be a little hard, especially if you recently bought it. Going through all the settings can be a bit time taking. We have been getting requests from the user to demonstrate the steps to locate the MAC address of the PS4, so here we are.

Guide: To Find Your PS4 Mac Address

What is Mac Address?

MAC address is the device hardware address that is permanent, so it can not be altered like an IP address. This address is very helpful in certain scenarios, especially if you are trying to connect your device to another network; it is also helpful in locating your device when connected to a network.

It can also be used to track your device if it was stolen. Similar to any other device with NIC, PS4 also consists of a NIC card that gives it a unique MAC address. However, locating your PS4 Mac address can be a complex process as you have to go too deep into the settings. 

Benefits of Knowing MAC Address

If you can find the Mac address of your device, then it can be very useful in certain scenarios like those below.

  • Manually adding your console to the Router configuration
  • Helpful in the identification of a device when there are multiple devices connected to the same network
  • Helpful in locating the device
  • Helpful in troubleshooting network issues like TCP/IP and other network communication
  • Helpful in routing the traffic and applying protocols to a specific device
  • Locating the PS4 Mac address

How to Find Your PS4 Mac Address Very Quickly

Now that you know about the MAC address and some of its benefits of it, let’s go through the steps to Locate the PS4 Mac address. The process is very easy. Just follow the steps, and within a few seconds, you will know your PS4.

Steps: Find Your PS4 Mac Address

  • STEP 1. Make sure that your PS4 is up and running
  • STEP 2. Once you are on the main home screen of your PS4, head to the menu
  • STEP 3. Now scroll to the extreme right until you find the Settings option; now click on it


  • STEP 4. Once you are inside settings, scroll down to the button and click on the System settings


  • STEP 5. Once you are in the System settings, click on the very first option called System Information

System Information

  • STEP 6. In the System Information window, you can see the Mac addresses of your System
    • MAC Address (LAN Cable): Here, you must make sure that if you are connecting through the Ethernet, you must use the MAC Address (LAN Cable) address.
    • Mac Address (Wifi): In case you are connecting to a wireless network, use Mac Address (Wifi) address


In the above guide, we have seen the steps to find out the PS4 Mac Address. You can now use this information to fix errors or add the device manually to your router.

For more troubleshooting guides on PS4, you can follow us. Thank you!



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