On the 5th of February, Super Bowl LI has been played between New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. It was surely a delight to watch the game. Multiple things took place. Considered one of the biggest comebacks in Super Bowl history. Further, this was the first overtime in this game league. Today in this article on the Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl match. We will be giving you all the important highlights of the game from the beginning till the end. Let’s proceed.

Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl

(Highlights) Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl

Super Bown Lombardi was played to win National Football League Championship. This was the 97th season of the league. Played between New England Patriots and versus Atlanta Falcons. So let’s check out this Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl article guide.


Let’s start with the toss. Being the visiting team Captain of team England chose Heads. And the coin was tossed by former president George H.W. Bush. Falcon won the toss and chose to defer to the 2nd Half of the game. And finally, the game started. Spectators were full of energy and cheering for their favorite teams.

First Quarter


In the first fifteen minutes of the game. There was no score on either team. First-quarter of the game went blank. Both the teams were found to be struggling while making the score.

Second Quarter


In the second quarter, the game started getting interesting. Although it seemed like the patriots were on the move to make a score but falcons were tight on their defenses. Soon When LeGarrette Blount’s fumble stopped the move from the patriots. And this resulted in a turnover, this turnover led to the first score of the game. This ignited the fire in the falcons and soon a second drive was also scored by the falcons.

While Patriot’s Quarterback, Matt Ryan could only able to finish the first drive with a 19-yard touchdown pass to tight end Austin Hooper. Atlanta with a burning desire to defeat the Patriots gave a rock-solid 14-point score. And it seemed like it will be the end for the Patriots. Now the game started becoming more interesting.

Somehow Patriots made the comeback by removing the deficit score difference and made 10 points. But the falcons still managed to lead the game when Brady threw a pick-six to Alford. The Falcons were dominating the game with a big score of 21-3.

Third Quarter


Moving on to the third quarter Falcons were leading the game. And it felt like the winner is going to be Atlanta falcon. In the third quarter, there wasn’t anything new. The game was going at its usual pace. Although at some moments it felt like the patriots are making a comeback but as soon as they begin to make moves falcons were stopping them from scoring.

Though a couple of things that still happened is Ryan was leading the falcons with 85 yards in eight plays and finishing in a six-yard flip to Coleman leading a 28-3 score. The Patriots were making move on their next drive, but soon they lost their momentum when James White misses the defender’s catch. And as the game was moving forward falcons were leading with a 28-9 leading score.

Fourth Quarter

Julian Edelman catch

In the fourth quarter, the Patriots were now putting their focus on better defense and this is where the comeback of the patriots took place. This is where the large score was minimized to 28-20. Firstly Sacked Ryan recovered from a forced fumble.

A touchdown has been scored on Danny Amendola’s reception by Brady. Later on, a two-point conversion on a direct snap to white appears to be a good move. The patriots started marching down in their next drive to the field. They were almost moved toward the red zone due to Julian Edelman’s crazy catch.

The patriots continued to move down while maintaining and decreasing the score difference. Thanks to the touchdown by white from a 1-yard out and later Amendola easily grabbed the two-point conversion pass.



Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl

The game was changing its course as the spectator’s hope for patriots was, in fact, coming true. This time Patriots won the coin toss. And for winning they only needed a touchdown. Brady has been leading the team down in the field with ease.

Brady filled with energy, painted a 14-yard throw to Amendola. And later 18-yard throw to Chris Hogan. Finally, he got Edelman for 15 yards and this setup created an opportunity for White. And as the plan was White gave the finishing move with a touchdown and finished the game and made victory for the team.


With this is the end of the article on the Patriots VS Falcons Super Bowl. We can say that surely it was a memorable game. The patriots at first seem like they will lose the match. While the Falcons were scoring back to back not leaving any chance to lose. But soon after halftime, we could see the improvement in the Patriot’s team coordination and defense system. And by the fourth quarter, they minimized the score to equal. And finally White finished the game with a touchdown. Surely it was a great comeback.

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