Another Eden is a top of the Tier RPG. The game is massively popular majorly because of its fascinating storyline and JRPG elements. So let’s check out everything about this Another Eden Tier List from here. Apart from the story, you get a massive variety of players that team up and battle against foes. Surely there are countless amazing things to tell you about Another Eden, but this Another Eden Tier List guide specifically focuses on one of its offerings, and that is turn-based battles and team compositions. In order to defeat the enemies, you need a strong team, and a strong team is built with strong players. So here we are with a rock-solid Another Eden Tier List of top-rated characters ready to be picked by you.

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Complete Another Eden Tier List

Below we have given you a complete Another Eden Tier List, and you can go through the table and choose the best characters to build a rock-solid team. So let’s check out more about this Another Eden Tier List.


Certainly, the best and invincible list of characters comes under the S-Tier. You can expect excellent stat growth skills from these characters. Let’s check out everything about on Another Eden Tier List.

Nikeh (AS)WaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Cerrine (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
RadiasFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
KikyoWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
TiramisuEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Nagi (AS)EarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
CynthiaWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Mighty (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MyunfaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
BiakaWindHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Azami (AS)WindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
ManaNullBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
DeirdreEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
HardyFireFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
MarielWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Renri (AS)FireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
ElgaEarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Akane (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
MyrusEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Lokido (AS)EarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
Yuna (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
HismenaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Shanie (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
EwanFireHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Anabel (AS)WaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
YunaWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Shannon (AS)WindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ClaudeWindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
ShannonWindSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Myrus (AS)EarthStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
MelinaWaterHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
DeweyWaterFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
Laclair (AS)WaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
FelminaWindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
BertrandEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star


A-Tier contains characters that are slightly less powerful. But please do not consider them inferior to S-Tier they have the skills that can outperform even an S-Tier also. Let’s check out more about it on Another Eden Tier List.

Veina (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Suzette (AS)WindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ZeviroWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
SuzetteWindLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
YiphaWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
PremayaEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Claude (AS)WindBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
DunarithWindStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
RenriFireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
TsukihaFireKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
ShanieWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
Melina (AS)WaterHammer, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Felmina (AS)WindFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
IsukaWindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
SophiaWaterAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
GuildnaFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
LokidoEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
MightyWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
Shion (AS)FireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Mariel (AS)WindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
BivetteFireStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
ShionFireKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
CetieFireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
NagiEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
Amy (AS)WindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
AnabelWaterSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
ShigureWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
TsubameEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LaclairWaterBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Cetie (AS)FireLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
MorganaWindSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
LovelyFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
GariyuFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
RosettaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star

Another Eden Tier List


B-Tier is not as powerful as the S-Tier and A-Tier all in all, and these are decent and skilful characters. They can be helpful in certain scenarios, so do not miss them out. Let’s check out more about Another Eden Tier List.

Isuka (AS)WindKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
RadicaFireStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
AltenaNullBow, RingLuring Shadow5-star
Saki (AS)WaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
PhiloWaterAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
AldoFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
CyrusWaterKatana, RingGuiding Light5-star
Toova (AS)EarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
IluluWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow5-star
HozukiFireBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
Elga (AS)EarthKatana, RingLuring Shadow5-star
VeinaWindStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star
CielEarthBow, RingGuiding Light5-star
ToovaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
JokerFireSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
Ruina (AS)WindSword, BangleLuring Shadow5-star
StrawboyNullFists, NecklaceGuiding Light5-star
LeviaWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light5-star


C-Tier contains the average level of Heroes and can be useful in certain situations in the game. Let’s check out more about it on Another Eden Tier List.

FeinneNullStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
MiyuFireSword, BangleGuiding Light5-star
NopaewWindHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
KrervoNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
ChiyoEarthStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
ErinaNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
RiicaEarthHammer, BangleGuiding Light5-star
SoiraWindLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
PraiNullHammer, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
SakiWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
PomNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
BriaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light5-star
HelenaEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow5-star
GalliardEarthLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star


Okay, so D-Tier contains heroes that surely aren’t worth picking, but if you do not have any other option, you can choose them. Let’s check out more about Another Eden Tier List.

NikehWaterKatana, RingLuring Shadow4-star
ParisaFireBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
CerrineEarthFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LeleWaterStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
SheilaWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
AkaneFireKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
AmyWindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
AzamiWindKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
RavenEarthStaff, RingLuring Shadow4-star
SevynWindStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
MirandaFireAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
NeroWaterFists, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
NonoldNullStaff, RingGuiding Light4-star
BreenoEarthSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star
RuinaWindSword, BangleLuring Shadow4-star

Another Eden Tier List


Now let’s talk about Another Eden Tier List the worst collection, surely they are not worth picking, and it will be better not to choose any of these.

DennyWaterAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
DarunisWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
RovellaWaterBow, RingLuring Shadow4-star
NomarWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
SamoraFireHammer, BangleGuiding Light4-star
YazukiWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
YioEarthAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LingliFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
LoviniaWindBow, RingGuiding Light4-star
ForanWaterLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
RufusFireFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
MyronEarthSword, BangleGuiding Light4-star
OtohaEarthKatana, RingGuiding Light4-star
CyucaWindAxe, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
Good MackyWindFists, NecklaceGuiding Light4-star
ZilvaEarthAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
BenedictWindAxe, NecklaceLuring Shadow4-star
KomachiEarthLance, BangleGuiding Light4-star
JadeFireLance, BangleLuring Shadow4-star


Hopefully, the Another Eden Tier List has given a good insight into the characters. The Another Eden Tier List table will help you in forming a strong team that can fight against enemies.

For more guides like this on Another Eden Tier List and on other games, follow us & if you enjoy reading this Another Eden Tier List guide from here then please do share it with others as well. Thank you!


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