Errors while playing games are common, our today’s guide also revolves around a very common error that is majorly faced by PS3 users. The error pops up with a long statement and ends with the error code 80710102. There are some possible reasons that may trigger this error which we will be going over in just a few moments. Talking of the error this is a network-related error and specifically talking it is a DNS error. Now let’s see all the possible causes of this DNS Error PS3 and solutions to fix it.

DNS Error PS3

Reasons Why this Error Appears

Talking of the causes of DNS Error PS3, well it can be said that if you recently have updated the software of your PS3 then the error might occur. Apart from that if you have recently reset your PS3 then also the error can appear. Also if you recently change your internet connection or the network then also the issue can persist. 

  • Recent Network Connection Change
  • Software update
  • PS3 reset

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How to Fix DNS Error PS3 Problem Issue Very Quickly

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of the issue then you know what might have caused the issue. If you do not know then it is OK just follow the methods and hopefully, the DNS Error PS3 Issue will be fixed. Also, the same methods can be used if you are facing this issue on your PS4 or above system. 

1. Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Now before you proceed to the below solutions and begin changing the system settings and all make sure that you first go through the below tips follow them. If these tips does not help only then you follow the other solutions.

  • Check if your Internet is Working Fine
  • If you have recently made any network changes revert them
  • Try restarting the Router
  • Reconnect to the Internet
  • Restart your PS3

2. Tweak the PS3 DNS Settings

If you have tried the above tips and it failed to fix your issue then try this method. This method has been found to be helpful to a very large number of users. In this method you will make some changes in your network setting in the PS3 settings. Now let’s go through the required steps.

  • STEP 1. While you are on the main home screen of your PS3
  • STEP 2. Scroll right and head to the Settings
  • STEP 3. Within the setting look for the Network settings and open it

Network Settings

  • STEP 4. In the Network settings, you will find the internet connection settings
  • STEP 5. In the setting method choose Custom, then choose the connection method
  • STEP 6. After that, you will choose your Network, proceed and set all the other settings as you normally do
  • STEP 7. However once you reach the DNS settings choose manual
  • STEP 8. Once you choose the manual you will be asked to enter Primary and Public DNS

enter Primary

Primary DNS: 
Secondary DNS:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
  • STEP 9. After putting the DNS set MTU to be Automatic, Proxy Server to be Do not Use and UPnP set to be Enable


  • STEP 10. After setting up can try logging in without any issues

2. Try Connecting to a Different Network

Although the above method should have worked just fine but if it fails then for some reason 

you can try connecting to different networks. If you have one or more internet network connections then you can try out this method and hopefully, this will fix your issue.

There might be some temporary issues with your ISP or the internet connection which is throwing out the error.

3. Reset Your PS3

If changing the network also fails to fix your issue then you can try resetting your PS3. Follow the below steps to see how it can be done.

  • STEP 1. On the PS3 home screen head to Settings> System settings scroll down to Restore PS3 system

 Restore PS3 system

  • STEP 2. Now you will be asked for the confirmation so hit Yes, that you will be asked to perform full format or quick format, select quick format


  • STEP 3. Now you can see on the screen a progress bar that says restoring to default settings
  • STEP 4. After that, you will be asked to restart choose yes
  • STEP 5. Now you have to go through the initial setup, after that, you can try logging in


DNS Error PS3 is a common error and can occur due to any recent changes in your Network. The change can be on the Router or your PS 3. By following the above-mentioned solutions you will be able to fix the issue in no time.

For more troubleshooting guides like this follow us. Thank you!


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