Similar to any other game, Dead cells also have a quite satisfying collection of achievements. These Dead Cells Achievements play an important role, especially in games like Dead Cells. These achievements not only help you in achieving a great amount of power but also helps in unlocking different stages of the game or the world. These Dead Cells Achievements are helpful in defeating the boss’s enemy. If you have just started with the dead cells, you must be wondering about all the Dead Cells Achievements that the game offers. While a lot of the players are not able to get their hands on these achievements, some are just so devoted that they can not rest until all the achievements are in their pockets. If you are also wondering about all the different Dead cells achievements and how to get them, then stay tuned.

Dead Cells Achievements

About Game

Dead cells are defined as a Roguelike Metroidvania-inspired action platformer game that is quite new to the ears. Usually, this genre is not quite super rare to appear. Initially, Dead cells came as early access to steam in 2017. The early access was stayed for over a year, and then with all the collected feedback and suggestion from the users, the game was fully released for almost all video game devices, including PC. Let’s check out everything about Dead Cells Achievements.

The game begins with you a green ball of slime which takes over a host body in a pretty messed up prison. You begin your journey on this cursed island of hostels. The plot you see seems pretty basic and simple, but somehow, it engages you in the mystery of the game to uncover. You meet the NPC characters of the game, and you get your hands on shady notes which are scattered all around the environment. These notes provide hints and increase your craving to uncover the mystery. The constant lingering of questions keeps you immersed in the game. So let’s check out more about these Dead Cells Achievements.

All the Latest & Best Dead Cells Achievements For You

Dead Cells Achievements

Below you can see all Dead Cells Achievements along with a little description of how to get them.

S.No.Dead Cells Achievements NameDead Cells Achievements DescriptionPoints
1.Love the serenity…Reach the Promenade of the Condemned for the first time.10
2.A room with a view!Reach the Ramparts for the first time.10
3.Finally, a moment of rest…Reach the Black Bridge for the first time.10
4.Smells like burned fleshReach the Ossuary for the first time.10
5.What’s that funky smell?Reach the Toxic Sewers for the first time.10
6.Who needs an Italian plumber?Reach the Ancient Sewers for the first time.10
7.Even the rats avoid the place…Reach the Insufferable Crypt for the first time.10
8.The dead centre of the island…Reach the Graveyard for the first time.10
9.Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and Glory…Reach the Slumbering Sanctuary for the first time!10
10.Afraid of the dark?Reach the Forgotten Sepulcher for the first time!10
11.It rubs the lotion on its skin!Reach the Prison Depths for the first time.10
12.Tic… Toc…Reach the Clock Tower for the first time!10
13.High dramaReach the Clock Room for the first time!10
14.Please leave your shoes at the entrance.Reach the Castle for the first time.10
15.Bend the knee? I think not…Reach the Throne Room for the first time.10
16.Quit tickling!Absorb the Vine Rune.20
17.What are you rubbing at anyway?Absorb the Teleportation rune.20
18.Here comes a new challenger!Absorb the Challenger Rune!10
19.Incy Wincy…Absorb the Spider’s Rune!20
20.La BruteAbsorb the Ram’s Rune.20
21.The Fat and The FuriousYou beat “The Concierge”!20
22.My only wish is to catch a fish…Reach the Stilt Village for the first time10
23.Going down!Kill an enemy with an elevator.20
24.YOLO! Or not?Cheat Death…20
25.Ohhhhhh! That hurt!Die while carrying at least 100 cells. Burn.10
26.Is there something in your eye?You beat “Conjunctivius”!20
27.Not so toughYou slayed 100 elites. Badman.10
28.Slash! Slash! Roll!Unlock 10 weapons.10
29.Pimp my ride.Unlock 10 skills.10
30.AbsolutionBe cursed… Survive.10
31.¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!Open your first timed door.10
32.See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?Successfully complete a Challenge Rift10
33.Shrewd sleuthFind your first secret zone.10
34.Blade MasterYou have beaten the “Time Keeper”!20
35.Harder Better Faster StrongerFinish the game with three Boss Stem Cells active40
36.The last rampart falls…Beat the Hand of the King.60
37.Bend the knee? I think not…Reach the Guardian’s Haven for the first time.10
38.Faster than light!You finished a daily challenge. Well done!10
39.They came from behind!Suicide by elevator.20
40.Steamrolled.You beat “The Concierge” without taking a single hit!50
41.Flawless victory.You beat “Conjunctivius” without taking a single hit!50
42.We’ve all been there before…A downward smash attack… right into some deadly spikes!10
43.What? There’s nothing wrong with these…Finish the game with the starter sword, bow, or shield.30
44.The DanceYou beat the “Time Keeper” without taking a single hit.50
45.Never fallenFinish the game with “Ygdar Orus Li Ox” in your possession!30
46.I like to live dangerously…Against all odds, you finished the game with the Cursed Sword!30
47.Surgical extractionAbsorb your first Boss Stem Cell10
48.Masterful extractionAbsorb your second Boss Stem Cell10
49.Artful extractionAbsorb your third Boss Stem Cell10
50.Up, Guards, and at them again!Finish the game with a Boss Stem Cell active.20
51.Finished, without fear.Finish the game with two Boss Stem Cells active30
52.Do you need… A hand?? Bahaha!Beat the Hand of the King without taking a single hit.50
53.Deft extractionAbsorb your fourth Boss Stem Cell10

Dead Cells Achievements


By now, you have a very good idea regarding Dead Cells Achievements and how many points each one of them carries. So this is all about this Dead Cells Achievements article.

Hopefully, we have satisfied your Dead Cells Achievements query. For more guides like this Dead Cells Achievements on games, follow us. Thank you!


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