It would have been an excellent experience if you could play PS4 games with your friends and families. To fulfill this, there’s one service with the help of which you can share the PS digital games with each other. That’s to say, you can share the games on your PS4, and your friends can share theirs with you. Today in this article, we will tell you some steps on How To Gameshare On PS4 PlayStation.

How To Gameshare On PS4

(Guide) How to Gameshare on PS4 Playstation

We must say that gamesharing is the easiest, most pain-free way to save money on new games. Many games come each fall, and not everyone can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on them. So, in that case, we must thank Sony because there are ways to share your games across multiple PlayStation 4 consoles, so you and a close friend or family member can play without having to log into your account every time. Gameshare allows you and someone else to connect your libraries of downloaded games and access them with fewer restrictions. To perform Gameshare on PS4 PlayStation, you’ll only need access to your friend’s PS4 and your own account info. So in this article, we will show you How To Gameshare On PS4 PlayStation.

Steps You Must Perform for Gameshare on PS4 PlayStation –

  • Firstly you have to press the PS button on your PS4 controller.

  • After that, on your PS4 dashboard, scroll to the right to find and select the Settings menu.

  • On the open Settings page.
  • Now you have to select PlayStation Network/Account Management.

  • On the next open page.
  • Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

  • After all this, you have to select Deactivate.

  • Now click on Yes to complete your deactivation.

Steps You Must Perform on Friend’s PS4 for Gamesharing –

Your friend needs to log in to his PS4 with your account. That’s to say, you might tell your friend your account and the password. So we must say that you must share your PS4 games with someone you really trust.

  • After performing the above steps now on your friend’s PS4, log out of his account.
  • Then log in with your PSN account.
  • Now go to Settings.

  • Now click on the PlayStation Network/Account Management.

How To Gameshare On PS4

  • Select Activate as Your Primary PS4.

How To Gameshare On PS4

  • Finally, select Activate to use Gameshare on PS4 PlayStation.

How To Gameshare On PS4

  • Your friend should then see the Activated page.
  • Now just click OK.

How To Gameshare On PS4

Now your friend can log in with his own account on his PS4 to enjoy all your games since your account is set as the primary PS4 on his console. Meantime, he can also play his own game from the Library on his account.

How To Gameshare On PS4

Things You Must Consider before Gameshare On PS4 PlayStation:

  • If you need to make significant changes to your account or user settings like if you purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro, you must redo the whole process.
  • If the person you’ve shared your account with is someone you trust, then that person will need to deactivate the device as your account’s primary system so you can set up your console. After your new console is set, you can redo this process to set up gamesharing again.
  • During Gameshare on PS4 PlayStation, you can deactivate a console remotely by using the PlayStation account management tool in your web browser. However, you can use this feature only once every six months.
  • Other than that, you must remember that if you don’t have access to your primary console, other users who log into your PlayStation 4 won’t be able to access your digital library of games.
  • You can now play any Playstation plus game on your PS4 titles if your internet goes down.
  • Although you can share your account with many people after doing this, you must know that gameshare allows you to play the same game on two consoles simultaneously, with one other person only. Even if you try connecting three friends, an account of all four of you will get flagged and blocked.

How To Gameshare On PS4

Wrapping Up:

At the end of this article on How To Gameshare On PS4 PlayStation, we want to make it clear that though you can do this process with an unlimited amount of people, only two people will be able to play the same game simultaneously, meaning you can’t share your library with several other friends and all hop into the same online game with each other.

Hence here we conclude our article on How To Gameshare On PS4 PlayStation we hope that you all love our work, and if you have any other methods, then you can add them to the comments down below.



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