The dark soul is a well-known action-plus role-playing video game published by the Bandai Namco video game company. Our today’s guide talks explicitly about Dark Souls 3 crashing Randomly issue. Many users have confirmed that when they launch the game, it either crashes or throws out an error box saying dark souls stop responding. Some known reasons can trigger these issues, which we will talk about briefly. The guide will give you some working solutions to help fix this issue.

Dark Souls 3 Crashing

Why Does Dark Souls 3 Crashing Randomly Issue Occurs?

So a lot of users are not aware of the most common problems with your system that can trigger this issue. Many of these causes depend upon the system, and there is no single cause of this Dark Souls 3 Crashing issue randomly. Some users claim that running the game in fullscreen mode crashes the game. Also, if overlay applications like twitch, discord, Spotify, live stream, or recording applications are actively running while launching the game, the game also crashes. Lastly, one of the leading causes of this crash can be the high graphics settings of the game.

  • Running the game in fullscreen mode crashes the game
  • Overlay applications that are active while launching the game
  • High graphics settings of the game
  • Graphics drivers are outdated

Similar Types of Dark Souls 3 Crashing Randomly Issues

  • On startup
  • Randomly
  • Dark souls 3 memory crash
  • On loading screen
  • On startup 2020
  • Dark souls 3 keeps crashing in 2019
  • Dark souls 3 black screen crash

How to Fix Dark Souls 3 Crashing Randomly Problem Issue

In this section, we have managed to put all the best working methods to resolve Dark Souls 3 Crashing windows 10 Issues. All these methods can easily be used to fix the issue on any Windows version.

1. Makes Sure No Overlay Applications are Actively Running

As talked about in the causes section the Dark Souls 3 Crashing at bonfire issue can occur because of the active overlay applications that are running while you are launching the game. It can be because the game service does not get along with the overlay application well or for other reasons. There is no detailed information regarding this issue.

Dark Souls 3 Crashing

Overlay applications include all the applications that have something to do with your gameplay, for example, recording the game, streaming the game, or broadcasting it. Screen capturing, chatting, or similar applications. So make sure to completely close these applications and then run your game.

Dark Souls 3 Crashing

  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • Spotify
  • Live stream
  • Recording applications

2. Try Running the Game in Windowed Mode

If no active overlay applications are running and you are still facing this issue, then chances are that your game is running in fullscreen mode. Many users have confirmed that running the game in windowed mode altogether fixes the Dark Souls 3 Crashing NVidia issue. Follow the steps now.

There are two ways to run the game in windows mode. The first is through the game settings. Unfortunately, many users can not go to game settings because of crashes. So the second option is through the game config file.

  • STEP 1. Open the Run window by pressing the Windows+R key 
  • STEP 2. Now Type %appdata% and press Enter


  • STEP 3. Now locate and go inside the DarkSouls3 folder
  • STEP 4. Inside the game folder, you should look for the GraphicsConfig.xml 


  • STEP 5. Once you find the .xml file, you have to open it 
  • STEP 6. Now locate the below lines 


  • STEP 7. Now change the line to
  • STEP 8. Save your change and restart your game

3. Put Graphics on the Low

If both methods fail to work, then you have to put the graphics too low. As mentioned in the causes section, one of the causes of this Dark Souls 3 Crashing computer issue is high graphics settings. Below we have given all the steps to put specific settings to low.

Similar to the previous method, there are two ways to tackle this issue directly from the game or by editing the config file. If you can access the game settings, but these settings to low. If you cannot access the graphics settings, edit the config file.

  • STEP 1. Follow steps 1- 5 from the above method
  • STEP 2. Once the file is opened up, put Effects quality, Shadow quality, and Light quality to low


  • STEP 3. After putting the graphics to low, save the changes 


Game crashing issues are pervasive and can be fixed using specific methods; our today’s guide, Dark Souls 3 Crashing, Randomly talks about such issues. We have demonstrated a few methods that target this issue and fix it.

We hope that your Dark Souls 3 Crashing Randomly issue is now fixed by following the given methods. For more guides, stay tuned to us. Thank you!


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