The squad is a tactical first-person shooter game and the game features a squad-based game whose main objective is to defeat the other enemy squad and its complete faction. All the squad players belong to a different class, including the shooter, medic, anti-tank specialists, combat engineer, etc. The game is only available for PC; today’s guide talks about a well-known issue with the game. According to the users, it gets stuck on a black screen whenever the game is launched. If you are also facing this issue, follow this guide. We will cover all possible ways you can easily fix the squad black screen issue.

Guide To Fix Squad Black Screen Issue

Causes of Squad Black Screen Problem

Talking of the squad black screen on startup issue, first of all, it is not an issue. It is just that the game takes around 10-15 minutes to load up completely. It seems like the game is stuck, but it is not; all the processes and services of the game are actually running. Now there are some cases in which the game is actually stuck. If you are game is taking more than 10-15 minutes, that means it has issues with screen resolution issues.

Similar Types of Squad Black Screen Issues

  • Squad’s black screen is not responding
  • Squad black screen after the match
  • The squad not responding on startup.
  • The squad is stuck on the loading screen.
  • Squad crashing on startup
  • Squad infinite loading
  • The squad won’t launch.
  • Squad resolution bug

How to Fix Squad Black Screen Problem Issue

To fix the Squad Black Screen after the splash screen Issue, we have gathered some methods to help eliminate this issue. Below are all the methods demonstrated. Feel free to use them.

1. Wait till the Game Loads Completely

According to many users and developers, it has been confirmed that it is not a Squad Black Screen on startup issue in most cases. When the user launches the game, it may seem like it is stuck at a black screen and not moving forward. Well, it is still loading in the background. All the processes and the services of the game are running in the background, and this loading takes almost 10-15 minutes, and then you can see the game’s main menu.

Although It is not sure whether it’s a bug or an optimization issue that makes the loading increase by 10 -15 minutes but yes, the game takes a while to load.

Guide To Fix Squad Black Screen Issue

2. Fix the Screen Resolution

If your game takes more than 10-15 minutes to load, it is an issue. The first thing in such scenarios is the resolution issue. According to the users, the game, during installation, saves wrong or incorrect resolution information, resulting in the Squad Black Screen startup issue. To fix this, follow the below steps.

  • STEP 1. First of all, make sure that the game is closed completely 
  • STEP 2. Now go to My computer and follow the below path


  • STEP 3. Once you are in the Squad folder, go to the Saved folder
  • STEP 4. Now right-click on the config file and open it with the Notepad
  • STEP 5. Once the file is opened in the Notepad, fill in the correct information corresponding to the below fields
  • STEP 5. Once done, save the changes, and you are good to go. Launch the game, and hopefully, the issue will be fixed.

3. Run the Game in Windowed Mode

Running the game in windowed mode will surely fix the issue if the above method does not solve your Squad Black Screen after the intro issue. This method discusses the black screen issue while the sound still runs in the background. Follow the below steps to fix it.

  • STEP 1. While you are running the game and the black screen is already there, press Alt+Enter
  • STEP 2. Once you press the keys, the game will automatically run the game in windowed mode
  • STEP 3. However, this is a temporary fix. To fix this permanently, head to the below path.
  • STEP 4. Open up the Graphics Settings of the game and put Window mode to Windowed


  • STEP 5. Save the changes and try running the game


We have demonstrated multiple ways to fix the squad black screen issue in the above guide. We have discussed all the possible causes of this issue also.

By following this guide, we hope your Squad Black Screen issue is fixed. For more guides like this, follow us. Thank you!



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