NBA 2k17 is surely one of the most awaited games, it has been a while since the game has been on the market. And with the regular updates and patches, developers keep it updated. But still, some users are facing issues with the game, users have reported that various issues including often game crash, players are turning invisible, face scanning issues, LOW fps issues, game freezing issues, etc. If you are also facing similar issues. Well, we have managed to gather solutions to all these NBA 2k17 problems issues.

Guide To Fix NBA 2k17 problems

Causes of NBA 2k17 Problems Error Issues

There is no clear explanation behind these causes since the game has gone through some intense changes, bugs, and patches. According to the users and gamers, we have managed to gather some causes and narrowed down the causes of these issues. For Starters, if you are running the game on a low spec machine then you might get into the NBA 2k17 Problems errors and crashes. Furthermore, system applications including firewall, antivirus has always been the main cause behind crashes and black screens. Also, your network connection needs to go fairly good to run the game without issues, last but not the least is the graphics-related settings it should be according to your gaming machine.

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How to Fix NBA 2k17 Problems Error Code Issues

To fix NBA 2k17 problems we have managed to gather various solutions, tips, and ways to fix issues. Depending upon the issue you can follow the complementing solution.

1. NBA 2k17 Black Screen/Crash Issue/Freezing

If you are facing any sort of NBA 2k17 Problems crashing or black screen issues while gaming kindly follows the below-given tips and ways.

  • Check Game’s Minimum System Requirements: To make sure an error or crash-free gaming firstly make sure that your system satisfies the minimum system requirements.
  • Update the Game to the Latest Version: Always check if the game is updated to the latest version if there are any pending updates make sure to install them. A lot of users have had complained regarding the crash issues and developers pushed an update with the patch.
  • Lower Down Graphics: If the game is updated to the latest version then you must lower down the graphics settings of the game. Try running the game to low to medium graphics instead of high graphics settings. Try Disabling the Antialiasing and run the game in the windowed mode.
  • Clear Out Space: If you are facing often freeze while playing the game, make sure that your system has enough storage to save the game data. Also if the game saves data in the cloud clear out storage so that game can save game status.

2. Face-Scanning Issues/ Dark Face Issues

NBA 2K17 has a unique feature that allows the user to use their face as the player’s face. But there have been complaints regarding this particular feature as well. Users are unable to put their faces on the player also the face turns out to be dark. Below are the tips to fix this NBA 2k17 Problems.

  • STEP 1. Download the MyNBA2K app
  • STEP 2. The app is available for both iPhone and Android
  • STEP 3. Use this app to scan your face
  • STEP 4. Make sure to capture the face in a good lighting
  • STEP 5. If you use glasses kindly put them off

nba 2k17 problems

3. NBA 2K17 Low FPS & FPS Drops Issue

If you are facing frame drops and low FPS NBA 2k17 Problems issues the follow the below workarounds

  • Turn the Game Graphics to medium or mow
  • Check if the system is up to date
  • Update the graphics driver to the latest version
  • While running the game make sure that no other applications are running
  • Make sure that you have enough RAM free

4. NBA 2K17 Network Issues

If the game is taking to much to load or not at all. It must the network NBA 2k17 Problems issue. Follow the below tips to resolve network issues.

  • Check if the Internet is Working
  • Check you have at least 3MBPS of connection
  • Check if the Server Down

Network Issues

5. Other Issue

If you are having other NBA 2k17 Problems issues, make sure to track and ask in the forum for solutions. Furthermore, contact the developers and customer executives for further assistance.


In this NBA 2k17 Problems guide, we have gone through the most common issue regarding the NBA2K17. We have gone through multiple tips, ways, and methods to fix the issues.

We hope your issue regarding NBA 2k17 Problems has been solved. Thank you 🙂


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