If you are playing games on Nintendo and getting the Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed error; you are not the only one with this issue. Users have reported that when playing games like Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8, ARMS Smash Ultimate, or Splatoon 2 and several games, users get the Nat Traversal Process Failed error. While playing Dragon Ball Fighterz and Fortnite and downloading Warframe and several other non-Nintendo games, the game runs fine without any errors. So in this Nat Traversal Process Has Failed guide, we will be talking about the possible causes of this and how you can fix this Nat Traversal Process Has Failed Error by yourself in a few minutes.

Nat traversal process has failed

Users occasionally run into a variety of errors while navigating the digital web, which degrades their online experience. One such error is the “Nat Traversal Process Has Failed” error, which is frequently seen by P2P connection users and gamers. An obstacle can arise when Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal, a technology used to maintain proper internet connections among devices, breaks down. This Nat Traversal Process Has Failed article will explore how to understand, analyze, and resolve this complex problem.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Understanding NAT and Its Importance

1.1 Defining NAT

  • NAT (Network Address Translation): A method that alters network address information in packet headers while in transit to enable a single public IP address to represent an entire group of computers on a private local network.

1.2 Significance of NAT

  • Address Conservation: Facilitates the conservation of publicly routable IPv4 addresses.
  • Security: Acts as a buffer between public and private networks, adding a layer of security.
  • Facilitating Traffic: Manages the direction of traffic between the internet and devices within the network.

Causes of Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed Error

The introductory part shows that the Nat Traversal Process Has Failed error only occurs when playing Nintendo games, while non-Nintendo games run without any errors. Furthermore, those users who have faced this Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issue claim that the error has to do with your internet. Users have reported that if your NAT type is not A or B, you will most likely get the error. Furthermore, some users have also said that there were some ISP issues as well behind this Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed error.

  • Slow and Unstable Internet
  • ISP Nat Traversal Process Has Failed to issues
  • Temporary Network Issues
  • The router Firmware is Outdated

Similar Types of Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed Error

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How to Fix Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed Error

This Nat Traversal Process Has Failed section will go through all possible ways to fix the Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed Error. Firstly we will determine the NAT type, and then we will proceed to the methods.

Determine Your NAT Type
  • STEP 1. While you are on the home screen, head to System Settings.
  • STEP 2. Now scroll down and click on the Internet
  • STEP 3. On the right, click on Test Connection.
  • STEP 4. Once the connection is tested, Check the NAT Type

NAT Type

  • STEP 5. If your NAT type A or B, then your internet connection is good; if you get any other, your internet connection is not that good and is unstable

1. Basic Troubleshooting Tips

Below are some important Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process tips you should go through.

  • Update your Router Firmware
  • Make sure that there is a good network connection in the room you use, Nintendo.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking your router.
  • Make sure that the wires and power cable are properly connected
  • Make sure there aren’t any metal objects or electronic devices very close to the router

2. Perform Power Cycle

The power cycle is a traditional method to fix any temporary network issues if there aren’t any issues from the ISP. Then this will solve the Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issue. Follow the Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed steps now.

  • STEP 1. Disconnect the power chord from both the modem and wireless router
  • STEP 2. However, if your modem has a backup battery installed, you have to remove the battery as well
  • STEP 3. Now, wait for at least 2 minutes
  • STEP 4. Now connect the power chord to the sockets and let the light become steady
  • STEP 5. Once everything is started, connect your Nintendo to the internet and check if the error is gone

3. Change the Network

Maybe there are some issues with your internet; try connecting to a different network that is fast and stable. Connect to an internet that at least has a 3mbps connection speed. Multiple users have reported that changing the network fixes the Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issue.

  • Connect to a different network
  • Connect to a network having at least 3mbps connection speed

4. Tweaking Router Settings

This is a complex Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed method, so proceed carefully.

**NOTE: The below step are based on pfsense router, if you any other manufacturer,
you will get the basic idea, and you can fix it on your own.

Part 1: Giving Nintendo Static IP & Port

  • STEP 1. Head to Administrator Console
  • STEP 2. Browse to Services > DHCP Server > LAN
  • STEP 3. Now scroll down and under “DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface” and click Add
**NOTE: In this case we are assuming that and a DHCP server running
which is giving IP's out between
  • STEP 4. Now put in the MAC address of Nintendo and give an IP address; in this case, we have given

Nat traversal process has failed

  • STEP 5. Apply the changes and hard reboot the Nintendo
  • STEP 6. Head back to the Admin control, and go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound tab. Choose Hybrid Outbound NAT

Nat Traversal Process Has Failed

  • STEP 7. Save the changes
  • STEP 8. Now under the Mapping Section, click the Green ‘Add’ button
  • STEP 9. Now follow the image below and make the changes mentioned in the image below

Nat traversal process has failed

Part 2: Enable UPnP on Router Interface

UPnP is a protocol that is supported by Nintendo and can be used on your home network. Use this Nat Traversal Process Has Failed method to eliminate Errors.

  • STEP 1. Open up the Router Administrator Interface
  • STEP 2. Head to Services > UPnP & NAT-PMP

Nat traversal process has failed

  • STEP 3. Now enable it; if there are UPnP and NAT-PMP specific boxes tick them as well
  • STEP 4. Also, keep in mind that External Interface is set to WAN and keep LAN below WAN


In the above Nat Traversal Process Has Failed guide, we have given all the possible ways to fix the Nintendo Switch Nat traversal process that has failed error. We hope your Nintendo Switch Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issue is fixed; for more guides like this, follow us.

The “Nat Traversal Process Has Failed” message may present a barrier to smooth online communication and gameplay. The path to effective and successful NAT traversal, however, can be paved by comprehending the fundamentals of NAT and applying strategic problem-solving techniques like choosing the right NAT type, utilizing port forwarding, leveraging UPnP, investigating VPN usage, and maintaining software and firmware updates. These strategies are crucial for ensuring uninterrupted, fluid digital experiences because they bridge the chasm between local networks and the vast internet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: What is NAT, and how does it influence my online activities?

Between your private network and the internet, NAT, or network address translation, essentially serves as a translator and traffic director. NAT facilitates your internet activities by converting your device’s private IP addresses into a single public IP address. Online gaming, VoIP calls, and other internet-dependent activities can all be negatively impacted by any disruption in NAT traversal, the process by which devices inside a NAT attempt to communicate with an external entity.

Q2: Can you elucidate the significance of different NAT types & how they impact connectivity?

Certainly! Your device’s ability to communicate with other devices over the internet is significantly impacted by the three main NAT types: Open, Moderate, and Strict.

  • Open NAT: It provides the most straightforward connectivity, allowing communication with devices across all NAT types but might be less secure.
  • Moderate NAT: A middle-ground option, permitting communication with devices that have Open and Moderate NAT types while providing balanced security.
  • Strict NAT: It heavily restricts connectivity, only allowing communication with Open NAT devices, prioritizing security over ease of connectivity.

Q3: How does Port Forwarding assist in mitigating Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issues?

A device on your network can be directed to receive specific internet traffic from a specific port using port forwarding, which gets around NAT restrictions and enhances communication. Port forwarding can help gamers and users of particular applications establish steady and dependable connections with servers, mitigating NAT traversal problems, and resolving the “NAT Traversal Process Has Failed” error.

Q4: Is enabling UPnP on my router a secure method to solve the Nat Traversal Process Has Failed problems?

Although UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) provides a practical method for dynamically forwarding ports, allowing devices behind a NAT to easily communicate with external servers, it does have security drawbacks. Because UPnP lacks reliable authentication mechanisms, your network may be vulnerable to intrusion and malicious activity. In light of this, enabling UPnP may not be advised in settings where network security is of the utmost importance, even though it is a workable solution for home networks.

Q5: Can utilizing a VPN influence NAT traversal and how does it interplay with the mentioned NAT Traversal Process Has Failed error?

Yes, using a VPN has a big impact on NAT traversal. In some cases, VPNs can establish a tunnel that gets around NAT limitations and permits seamless communication with external servers. However, some VPNs may make the Nat Traversal Process Has Failed issue worse due to their own NAT policies. Solutions involve using VPNs that offer port forwarding or choosing VPN servers optimized for peer-to-peer (P2P) traffic, which can sometimes mitigate NAT traversal issues and circumvent the “Nat Traversal Process Has Failed” error.

Q6: How crucial are software and firmware updates in resolving NAT traversal issues?

Updates to software and firmware are essential for keeping networks stable and can be crucial in solving NAT traversal problems. Updates are frequently released by developers to fix bugs, patch security holes, and improve performance. In some cases, these updates may also fix NAT traversal issues, so it’s crucial to keep all relevant software and firmware up to date.

Q7: How should one proceed cautiously when making changes to network settings to address NAT issues?

Before making any changes to network settings, it is crucial to record all existing settings. Unintended disruptions can be avoided by making changes gradually and methodically while testing their effects. To avoid possibly jeopardizing network integrity and security, it is also imperative to seek professional advice or assistance if uncertainties arise.

Understanding NAT functionalities, putting strategic solutions into practice, and being cautious and thorough when modifying network settings are all necessary to address the complex issues raised by the “Nat Traversal Process Has Failed” error. This Nat Traversal Process Has Failed FAQ aims to address some of the frequently asked questions and factors that come up when dealing with this complex network-related issue.


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