Apex legends is a well-known title when it comes to battle royale games. Respawn is pushing regular updates to the game and providing full support to make the game better with each update release. However, its new update for the fifth season is a little problematic. With newly added features, it brings some issues as well. A large count of users who have to update their game is facing crashing issues. While some of the users are claiming that the game crashes instantly without any error statement, some are claiming that they get the game not responding error. If you are also having a similar crash issue, you are at the right place. In this guide, we will cover all the solutions to fix the Apex legends crashing issue.

Guide To Fix Apex Legends Crashing Issue

Why Do The Apex Legends Crashing Issues Occur

After examining the issue, we have managed to gather all the major reasons why this Apex Legends Crashing issue can pop up. Since you have recently updated the game, it can be a temporary issue with the system. It can easily be fixed with the repair. Secondly, the chances are that the update was bad, and the file got corrupted. Thirdly if you are using any cheat engine or game mod, then also the game can crash. Possible corruption in easy anti-cheat files also results in crash issues. Lastly, outdated graphics drivers or overclocked systems are also the causes of crashes.

  • Temporary issue 
  • The update was bad, and the file got corrupted
  • Active cheat engine or game mod 
  • Possible corruption in easy anti-cheat files
  • Lastly, outdated graphics drivers
  • Overclocked systems 

Similar Types Of Apex Legends Crashing Issues

  • Apex legends crashing on startup
  • Apex legends crashing steam
  • Apex legends crashing Reddit
  • Apex legends crashing ps4
  • Apex legends crash with no error
  • Apex legends crashing mid-game
  • Apex legends crashing when loading into the game
  • Apex legends crashed at the start of the game

Solutions to Fix Apex Legends Crashing Issues

Now let’s go through some of the best working solutions that will solve the Apex Legends Crashing Issue within a few moments.

1. Check Internet Connectivity

Since we are talking about apex legends which is an online game and requires constant internet connectivity, the first thing that you must check before proceeding to the below methods is your internet connection. There are chances that your internet might not be working, or the connectivity is too weak. Below are some points that you can go through to make sure that the internet is up to the mark.

  • Try opening up a couple of websites and see if the web pages are opening
  • Disconnect then reconnect the connection
  • Restart the router

Guide To Fix Apex Legends Crashing Issue

2. Restore Your System’s Actual Clock Speed

Another thing that users do is to overclock the processor speed. It can be the main processor or the graphics processor. There are multiple cases in which it was found that overclocking can make the game crash. So it is highly recommended that you keep the clock speed to its original frequency and then try running the game.

Guide To Fix Apex Legends Crashing Issue

3. Repair the Game Files

If there are any temporary issues with the game files or it is a minor file corruption that can take place while updating the game. Well, all these small issues can easily be fixed using this Apex Legends Crashing method.

  • STEP 1. Launch the Origin client on your desktop
  • STEP 2. On the left, click on My Game Library
  • STEP 3. Locate the Apex Legends and Right-click on it
  • STEP 4. From the context menu, you can see the Repair option, click on it

Repair option

  • STEP 5. Wait till the process is completed and then start the game

4. Repair Easy AntiCheat 

If you are still facing the crash issue, then try repairing the anti-cheat service that comes by default with the game. When you install the game, Easy AntiCheat Service is also installed. The main purpose of this application is to check if there are mods or cheat engines installed for Apex legends.

  • STEP 1. Makes sure that neither the game nor the origin client is actively running
  • STEP 2. Open up This PC and go to C:> Program Files(x86) > Origin
  • STEP 3. Once you are inside the folder, go to Apex Legends folder > Easy AntiCheat
  • STEP 4. You can see there EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe. Double-click on it
  • STEP 5. Now click on Repair Service. Once the process is done, run the game

Repair Service

5. Updating Graphics Drivers

If you are still facing the crash issue, chances are it can be due to an outdated graphics driver. Follow the below steps to update your graphics driver to a new version.

  • STEP 1. Run the NVIDIA Geforce experience application
  • STEP 2. When opened on the top, click on the drivers
  • STEP 3. Now click on check for updates

Apex Legends Crashing Issue

  • STEP 4. If there are any pending updates, make sure to update them, restart your system then run the game

6. Reinstall The Origin Client

If you have tried the above methods and still facing the crash issue, then it is suggested that you should reinstall the origin client. The origin client is prone to bugs and crashes; hopefully, reinstalling it will fix the problem.

Also, do not worry; you do not have to reinstall the game. We will back up the game files, reinstall the client, and restore the game files.

  • STEP 1. Close the game and the origin client, go to C:> Program Files(x86) > Origin
  • STEP 2. Once you are inside the folder right click on the Apex Legends folder 
  • STEP 3. And move it to a different location
  • STEP 4. Once the files are copied, go to Settings > Apps
  • STEP 5. Locate the origin client and hit the Uninstall button

Apex Legends Crashing Issue

  • STEP 6. Once uninstalled, restart your system
  • STEP 7. After restarting, open up the browser and open this link
  • STEP 8. Once the link is opened, download the client and install it

Apex legends crashing

  • STEP 9. Once installed, past the Apex legend folder back to the original location
  • STEP 10. Now try running the client


In the above guide, we have gone through all the working ways to fix the Apex legends crashing issue. We have talked about all the possible causes of this Apex Legends Crashing issue and some methods to fix it.

Hopefully, by now, your Apex Legends Crashing issue is fixed completely. For more guides on games, follow us. Thank you!


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