All those who own a PSP might have faced a connection error while connecting to a wireless network. There have been countless complaints regarding this issue but no solutions. So let’s check out everything about the PSP Connection Error article. Every time a user tries to connect to a wifi network, it says not supported. For some users, an error might also pop up. If the same issue is with you, too, and you cannot connect to your wifi network, then this guide contains all the things you need to know regarding this issue. In this guide, you will get the solutions to fix the PSP connection error once and for all.

PSP Connection Error

Why Does PSP Connection Error Occur

So one thing that you might be wondering is, why does this issue even occur? If it is supposed to be some hardware fault or the software, then no way all the users face this issue. Well, the reason for this error is neither connected to your hardware nor software. The actual reason behind this issue is your secure wifi protocol. Like WPA/WAP2 etc.

PSP Connection Error

All these advanced security protocols are not supported by the PSP, and thus you see not supported besides your network connection. All the users who are facing this issue do not know that PSP does not support the WPA2 or better wifi secure protocol. It only supports open WPA and below secure wifi protocol. So this is the reason why you are facing this issue.

Similar Types of PSP Connection Error Occurs

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How to Fix PSP Connection Error Issue Problem

Now that you know the reason why you are facing the PSP connection error. We know that changing the security protocol to WPA can fix this issue. Now let’s get to know more about this PSP Connection Error guide.

One very important thing you need to know is that changing the protocol to WPA can be dangerous. Because it is not that secure and can be hacked easily by any average hacker, people can get into your network, change settings, and use your wifi. However, if you are comfortable with keeping your network to WPA then you can easily connect your PSP to Wifi. 


You must log in to the router control panel to change your network protocol. In the control panel, you have to look for the Wifi settings, and there you can change the security protocol to WPA/Open. For a more clear understanding, follow the below steps.

For the demonstration purpose, we will demonstrate the steps to change your wifi security level to WPA. Follow the steps to see how it is done. For the purpose of this guide here, we will change the secure wifi protocol on the Verizon Router. Following the steps gives you a basic idea of the settings. The steps for changing the wifi protocol on all routers are similar. 

  • STEP 1. Head to your PC and open up the browser, now enter the IP


  • STEP 2. Enter that address will open the Admin Control Panel

**NOTE: There are chances that on your Verizon router, the IP might not work. For that, you can check the bottom of your Router or contact customer service and ask them for the admin panel IP.

  • STEP 2. Once you enter the IP, the control panel will open up; on the top, click on Wireless Settings
  • STEP 3. On the left, you will see a couple of settings; here, you have to click on Advance Security Settings
  • STEP 4. Now on the right, you will find Level 1; under that, you will find multiple security protocols
  • STEP 5. Here you have to can choose WPA or WEP; we suggest that you choose WPA


  • STEP 6. After you have chosen the option, you will need to hit the Submit button, and your router will restart
  • STEP 7. After restarting your Router, head to your PSP and search for your wireless connection
  • STEP 8. This time you will not see the Not supported beside your connection, simply connect it and enter the password


The above short guide shows you the complete steps to fix the PSP Connection Error issue. The error mainly occurs due to incompatibility between the security protocols and PSP. So this is all about the PSP Connection Error article guide.

Hope you like this PSP Connection Error from here now. Once you change your security protocol to WPA, the error issue will be gone. If you enjoy checking or reading the PSP Connection Error then please do share PSP Connection Error with others as well also.


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