Skyrim is a well-known game in the gaming world, it is an action-adventure first-person game that features one of the vast open-world games to date. The game also features a very immersive storyline with great character development. There are a total of five installments in the series until now. The game has been released for all the major gaming platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Our today’s article exclusively talks about a very common issue faced by PC users. According to the users whenever they try to launch the game it crashes right after that. If you are also facing this Skyrim won’t launch issues on your Steam or PC well follow this guide.

skyrim won't launch

Causes of Skyrim won’t Launch Issue

Although there are not any confirmed causes behind these issues as we were searching for the solutions and fixes for the crash issues. We have managed to gather some very common causes that trigger the crash on startup. If you have recently installed or updated the game then there are chances that the game files haven’t installed correctly or have been corrupted. Furthermore, if you are using any sort of mod for the game then also the issues persists. Last but not least is the Steam if there are any issues with the steam client you might face the Skyrim Won’t Launch after mods issue with the game also.

Similar Types of Skyrim won’t Launch Issues

  • Skyrim won’t start after the launcher
  • Windows 10
  • Skyrim won’t launch skse
  • After pressing play
  • Skyrim Won’t Launch After mods
  • Skyrim won’t launch vortex
  • Skyrim special edition after pressing play
  • Xbox one

How to Fix Skyrim won’t Launch Problem Issues

To resolve the Skyrim won’t Launch with mods Issues, we have managed to gather various methods that will be helpful and found to be working. Below are all the methods explained using steps.

1. Verify Game Cache

So once your game gets crashed, you can check for the game files, because there are chances that the game files have got corrupted or not installed correctly. To easily fix the follow the below Skyrim Won’t Launch steam steps.

  • STEP 1. While you are in the Steam Client, go to the Game Library
  • STEP 2. Now locate and Right-click Skyrim then click on Properties
  • STEP 3. Now in the Properties window go to the Local Files tab
  • STEP 4. Below you will find a button named Verify Integrity of Game Cache

Verify Integrity of Game Cache

  • STEP 6. Click on it to start the scan process, it will automatically scan and verify all the file

2. Uninstall SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)

Skyrim script extender is an official application by the Skyrim developers, the application aims to mod the game scripts so that you can add desired changes in the game. You can add additional capabilities and features.

SKSE mod

But the Skyrim Won’t Launch windows 10 issue here is that the SKSE is still not completely stable. Obviously, it can be used but only if you have prior knowledge in scripting if you are a normal user and do not know anything or little about it. This might cause crashes. So it is recommended that you uninstall disable the SKSE mod.

3. Remove Mods

If you have already tried the above methods and still facing Skyrim Won’t Launch after pressing play issues follow this, if you have installed any sort of Game mod for Skyrim, well then the issues is with the mod. Mods are not stable and interfere with the running services of the game. So it is highly recommended that you must disable or uninstall any sort of game Mod.


Skyrim won’t launch is a very common and known issue, due to issues with the game files or any mods that the game crashes. We have demonstrated all the possible solutions to fix the issue.

We hope by following the above solutions your Skyrim Won’t Launch issue is fixed. For more similar guides on gaming follow us.


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