So I have come across a lot of errors, crashing, and incompatibility issues while gaming on my PC. But Dungeon siege 2 no mouse is surely one of the most strange issues that I have come across. So, according to the scenario, when a user launches Dungeon siege 2, the game opens just fine, and you reach the main menu of the game, but then you realize that the cursor is not there. No matter how many time you move your mouse the cursor just does not shows up. If the same thing is happening to you, too, then stay tuned to this guide as I will talk about all the possible causes of the as well as solutions by which you can fix the issue by yourself.

Dungeon siege 2 no mouse

Causes of Dungeon Siege 2 No Mouse Issue

If I talk about the possible causes of the issue, well, there is not much to tell; the problem is all about the resolution of the monitor or laptop you are playing upon. Apart from that, the in-game resolution settings are also a possible cause. There are no issues with the game or your system. However, there is one more reason why you face steam Dungeon siege 2 no mouse error. Actually, the game is only compatible with the windows 10 update version 1607, and if you have installed the above version of windows, then this cursor issue seems to occur. 

  • Screen Resolution Issues
  • In-game resolutions settings
  • Windows build version

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Methods to Fix Dungeon Siege 2 No Mouse Issues

To fix steam Dungeon Siege 2 No Mouse Issues, you can use the below-demonstrated methods. All of the methods are working. Feel free to try any of them. 

1. Edit the Game INI File

So the best and most effective way to resolve this issue is by editing the game’s ini file. Ini file contains basic game properties and information like what is game graphics you are using, game resolution, and other things. Among those properties, you will add a new property that will run the game in windowed mode, and as a result, the game will display the cursor. Just follow the steps below, and your issue will be fixed.

  • STEP 1. If you are running the game, make sure to minimize it using the windows key
  • STEP 2. Now go to Documents > My games > Dungeon Siege 2 

Dungeon siege 2 no mouse

  • STEP 3. You can see the Dungeon Siege 2.ini file; at last, right-click on it and open it with Notepad
  • STEP 4. Now you can see all the properties that I was talking about
  • STEP 5. Now, after the first line, you have to add the below line as it is
fullscreen = false
  • STEP 6. Once done save the file and run the game, your issue will be fixed
  • STEP 7. In case the issue fails to work, make the properties look like below
Fullscreen = false
Width = ####
Height = ####

Dungeon siege 2 no mouse

2. Changing the Game Launcher Properties

If the issue still persists, remove all the code that you have added in the above method and change it as it was originally. Once done, use this method; in this method, you will be making some changes to the game launcher properties. Follow the below steps now.

  • STEP 1. Make sure that the game is not running 
  • STEP 2. Now open head to the location where the launcher file of the game is situated
  • STEP 3. Once you find the launcher file, right-click on it and open properties
  • STEP 4. In the properties window, head to the Compatibility tab
  • STEP 5. Now click on the change high dpi settings button, a new window will pop up
  • STEP 6. Their tick mark on program DPI then override high DPI scaling behavior and set it to Application

override high DPI scaling behavior

  • STEP 7. Save the change and run the game

3. Downgrade to Windows 10 Build 1607

As I told you in the causes section, the game is fully compatible with the windows 10 update version 1607. So if it is possible you can downgrade to this particular build of windows, your issue will be fixed. To downgrade, follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1. Go to the Start menu the settings
  • STEP 2. Head to Update and Security settings
  • STEP 3. On the left, click on Windows Update
  • STEP 4. Now on the right, click on Update history

Dungeon siege 2 no mouse

  • STEP 5. Finally, click on Uninstall Updates

Dungeon siege 2 no mouse


Steam Dungeon siege 2 No Mouse Issue is a strange error; however, it is easy to fix. In this guide, we have seen why the issue occurs and some ways that can eliminate this issue.

Hopefully, your issue has been fixed. For more guides on games and other game stuff, follow us. Thank you!


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