Does your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting? Imagine yourself in the middle of a game with your friends, and all of a sudden your controller disconnects. If you relate to this problem, then keep reading this article, as here we have some ways to fix the problem: “Why my Xbox controller keeps disconnecting?”. 

Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Soon after the release of Xbox Series X and S, many Xbox owners were facing issues with their Series X controller. Microsoft had reportedly fixed this issue by releasing a software update. Still some people, to this day, face an issue as their Xbox controller keeps disconnecting.

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Here are some of the reasons, why your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting:

  • Outdated Controller Firmware
  • Multiple Bluetooth devices in close proximity
  • Poor Controller Battery
  • Xbox Console needs updates

Let’s get to the ways on how to fix this issue.

[SOLVED] My Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

Here are some of the ways you can fix the issue of your Xbox controller disconnecting:

1. Update your Xbox controller

If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, you can always check if it is due for an update. To check if your controller needs an update or not:

  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Then go to the Settings option.
  • Open Devices & Connections.
  • Now go to Accessories.
  • Here you can see if your controller needs an update.

Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

2. Update your Xbox console

If your controller firmware is up to date, maybe it’s the console that needs an update. If you have not played in a while, or if you have set the console for manual updates, then maybe your console isn’t up to date. To check if your console needs an update or not:

  • Go to Profile & System.
  • Then go to the Settings option.
  • Open System.
  • Now go to Updates.
  • Here you can find if your console is due for an update.

3. Use a wired connection

  • You can use a wire to connect the controller to the console.
  • You can connect the USB-C cable that comes along with your Xbox.
  • Put it in the USB-C port, which is generally used to charge the controller.
  • Plug the USB cable to your console.
  • This will eliminate the wireless connection issue with your controller.
  • After these two devices have been connected through a wire for a while, you can try wirelessly connecting the controller to the console again.
  • You can also keep the wired connection if suitable enough for you.

4. Change the batteries of your controller

Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

  • It might be that your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting because of poor battery.
  • The controller might stop working because of low battery.
  • Change the batteries in your controller and see if it fixes the issue.
  • You can always switch to the rechargeable batteries, if your budget allows.
  • You can choose either of the options for rechargeable batteries: Xbox Rechargeable Batteries, or AA rechargeable batteries with third-party battery charger.

5. Hard restart your console

If all of the ways stated above don’t work, you can use this option as the last resort. To hard restart your console:

  • Press and hold the power button on the front of your console.
  • It is the Xbox logo button above the optical drive.
  • Once the console is off, press the power button again to power it back on.
  • If this is done properly, the console would initialize with the logo screen.
  • Then it will load up your Xbox dashboard.


If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, it can be an inconvenient and irritating problem. Who would want their game go to waste just because their controller stopped working out of nowhere? No one.

There are ways you can always try to fix this issue. If this still prevails, there might be a possibility that you might have some hardware issues altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why does my controller keep randomly disconnecting?

There might be a lot of reasons why your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting, like maybe the controller is too far from the console, too many Bluetooth devices are connected at once, or maybe your controller needs a new set of batteries.

2. Why is my Xbox One controller not staying on?

Check the batteries. Maybe the controller is low on batteries, and once you change it, it starts working like before.

3. How do I update my Xbox controller firmware?

You can update the controller firmware: choose Profile & System> Settings> Device & Connections> Accessories. Now you can see if your controller needs an update.

4. Why does my Xbox keep disconnecting?

Try to inspect the cable connector and the socket of the modem, router, or gateway to make sure that they are clean. Plug the cable back and make sure it clicks into place. Check if the issue is resolved.


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