Since most of the time, the system updates can be done without any errors, but there is a fair share amount of users who are facing any issue while updating their Xbox OS. Users have reported that while updating, they are getting Xbox one system error e102. While some of the users are getting this after the successful completion of the update. Now the main concern here is how to fix this issue. This troubleshooting guide aims to provide you some important information along with some methods to fix this issue.

Xbox One System Error E102

Causes of Xbox One System Error E102

Now before we get to the solutions, we will first go through the causes of this strange error. Some users claim that network issues or bad system update cause this error. Apart from that, chances are previous system files interfering with the new update files. Furthermore, corrupted data is also one of the major causes of this Xbox One System Error E102 issue. 

  • Bad Network 
  • Previous System Files Interfering
  • Bad Update
  • Corrupted Files

Similar Types of Xbox One System Error E102

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How to Fix Xbox One System Error E102 Code Problem Issue

In this section, we will go through all the possible ways to fix Xbox one system error e102. The following are the methods demonstrated using step by step.

1. Restart Xbox (E100 / E200 / E204 / E206/ E207)

If you are getting any of these error codes, E100 / E200 / E204 / E206/ E207. Then don’t worry, it is a temporary error. Users have reported that a simple restart will easily fix the Xbox One System Error E102 Xbox one x issue. To do this,

  • Simply click on Restart this Xbox
  • Hold the Xbox button for few seconds

2. Using Offline System Update (E101 / E205)

If you are getting E101 / E205 error code, that means that the update hasn’t been done completely, or the files have been corrupted. Also, if the above two methods fail to work, use this Xbox One System Error E102 fix method.

  • STEP 1. So firstly you need a USB flash drive of at least 4GB
  • STEP 2. Head on to the Computer System and its important to format it with NTFS

Xbox One System Error E102

  • STEP 3. Once done head onto the Xbox and Follow STEP 1-6 from Method 3
  • STEP 4. Now once you are in the Troubleshooting Menu keep it remain there

Xbox One System Error E102

  • STEP 5. Get to the Computer System, and download this updated package
  • STEP 6. Once the .zip file is downloaded, Right-click and extract all the files
  • STEP 7. From the extracted files copy $SystemUpdate to your flash drive
**NOTE: There are two things you need to make sure,
keep $SystemUpdate on the root directory and except this, there should be no other files


  • STEP 8. Once the file has been copied completely, Plug it in the console
  • STEP 9. While you are on the Troubleshoot screen choose Offline System Update
  • STEP 10. Now browse the update on the drive
  • STEP 11. Once the process is done check if the error occurs

3. Using the Factory Reset (E102/ E105 / E106 / E203)

If you are getting E102/ E105 / E106 / E203 codes and all of the above methods fails to work, the only way to get out of this Xbox One System Error E102 Xbox one issue is by factory testing. Below are all the steps to factory reset.

  • STEP 1. Firstly turn your Xbox off also remove all the connecting wires
  • STEP 2. Now after a few minutes, reconnect the wires
  • STEP 3. Now, press the bind button, and the eject button keep them pressed, now press the Xbox Button
**NOTE: Bind button is located on the left side of the console
while the eject button is located on the front of the console
  • STEP 4. Once the Xbox starts up, don’t loosen the hold, keep the buttons holding for around 10-15 seconds, until you hear powerup sound twice
  • STEP 5. Once you hear the sound release the buttons
  • STEP 6. Now you can see the startup troubleshooter
  • STEP 7. Here you can select Reset this box



With this being the end of this troubleshooting guide on Xbox One System Error E102. We conclude that by following the above methods, you can surely get rid of this error. In this article, we have briefly talked about the error and all of its possible causes.

For more guides and tips follow us. Thank you!


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