If you have played Call of duty in modern warfare, you must have encountered errors here and there. Within these errors, full of headache, is the dev error 6068. Users have reported that the error appears out of nowhere; some of them claim it comes right when they launch the game. While some of them are saying that it seems while they are in between the game. Errors surely spoil all the mood, and it worsens when you have no idea how it can be fixed. Well, in this troubleshooting guide, we will demonstrate some methods and give you some information regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Dev error 6068

Causes of Dev Error 6068 Code Problem Issue

Before directly jumping to the solution, it would be great if you spent a minute reading this information. As it may help if you get the error when playing other games. Multiple users have reported that the Dev Error 6068 error appears because of some issues with graphics settings, or maybe your system doesn’t have that much power to run the game. Furthermore, non-optimal settings and configuration can also be a possible cause. The error may cause a system freeze and random reboot during gameplay. It is likely occurring due to overclocked GPU, CPU, or other hardware components

  • Issues with graphics settings
  • Issues with game configuration and optimal settings
  • The system doesn’t satisfy the minimum configuration of the game

Similar Types of Dev Error 6068 Code Problem Issue

How to Fix Dev Error 6068 Code Problem Issue

This section will give you some ways, tips, and solutions to fix Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev error 6068. Below are all the methods you can use.

1. Run Modern Warfare & Battle.net Launcher With Administrator Permission

As multiple users have reported that the error was resolved when they ran the program with administrator rights. Follow the Dev Error 6068 modern warfare steps to see how it is done.

  • STEP 1. Right Click on the Modern Warfare launcher file
  • STEP 2. From the menu, choose Run as an administrator

dev error 6068

  • STEP 3. For Permanent, make this program run as administrator, again Right Click on the Modern Warfare launcher file
  • STEP 4. Go to Properties
  • STEP 5. Move to the Compatibility Tab
  • STEP 6. Below check on Run this program as an Administrator checkbox

Run this program as an Administrator

  • STEP 7. Save the changes
  • STEP 8. Perform the same steps for the Battle.net launcher

2. Disable Application & Overlays

We highly recommend that you must disable all the below services or the programs that offer any of these services. So get rid of this modern warfare Dev Error 6068 now,

  • Performance monitoring
  • MSI afterburner metrics
  • Broadcasting Service
  • Video/audio recording
  • Taking screenshots
  • Instant replay
  • Share menu
  • Notifications

Also, if you have any of the apps below running, make sure to disable or uninstall them.

3. Tweak Graphics Settings

In this method, we will demonstrate how to run the game borderless. As suggested by many users, it solves the cod MW Dev Error 6068 issue.

  • STEP 1. Open Call Of Modern Duty Warfare
  • STEP 2. Now go to Settings and then go to the Graphics
  • STEP 3. Under the Display Mode, choose Fullscreen Borderless

Fullscreen Borderless

4. Use DirectX 11 to Run Call of Duty

Many users have reported that the game is not compatible with Directx 12. Follow the Dev Error 6068 Reddit steps to change it to use DirectX 11

  • STEP 1. Run Battle.net launcher
  • STEP 2. Now click on Options > Game Settings
  • STEP 3. Tick on Additional Command Line Arguments, and in the field, paste the text below

Additional Command Line Arguments

  • STEP 4. Save the change and try running the game without errors

5. Disable Ray Tracing & Crossplay

You can eliminate this call of duty modern warfare Dev Error 6068 problem by disabling ray tracking and crossplay.

  • STEP 1. Open Call of Duty, go to Options >  Shadow & Lighting
  • STEP 2. Now disable DirectX Ray tracing 

disable DirectX Ray tracing Dev Error 6068

  • STEP 3. Now go back to Options, then Account
  • STEP 4. Select Crossplay and Disable it

crossplay Dev Error 6068

  • STEP 5. Now run the game

6. Setting the Game to Priority

Another way the Dev Error 6068 cod MW method can be fixed is by putting the game on top of the priority list so that the game can use all the memory resources.

  • STEP 1. Press ALT+CTRL+DELETE and a new window will open up
  • STEP 2. From the list, choose Task manager
  • STEP 3. Under the process tab, locate the call of duty
  • STEP 4. Once you find it right-clicks on it, and from the menu list, choose to Go to details

Task Manager Dev Error 6068

  • STEP 5. Again right-click on the Call of Duty
  • STEP 6. Now select Priority and choose High

Task Manager Dev Error 6068

  • STEP 7. Save the changes and check if the error appears

7. Tweak the Graphic Memory Scale

Maybe the high video memory scale is causing the issue. Lowering it down may fix the Dev Error 6068 modern warfare issue. Follow the steps to do that.

  • STEP 1. First of all, make sure that the game is not running
  • STEP 2. Completely close the game by going into Task Manager and then ending the task
  • STEP 3. Once done, navigate below
Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players
  • STEP 4. Here locate adv_options.ini, right-click on it and open it in Notepad
  • STEP 5. Now locate the VideoMemoryScale line; use the ctrl+f to find the line
  • STEP 6. Replace the default value to 0.5, then save the file

modern warfare Dev Error 6068

  • STEP 7. Try running the game now


Following the above methods will fix the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068. We have given all the information that we had. If you still face issues, tell us in the comments.

For more troubleshooting guides like this Dev Error 6068, then follow us. Thank you!


  1. Hello. Still having the 6068. None of the above worked. Any ideas?
    i5 8500
    z370 Aorus Gaming 7
    16 GB DDR4 3200
    MSI 2070Super
    m.2 SSD


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