Apex legends is another excellent title for Battle Royale games, and the game is published by the famous EA (Electronic Arts), which is known for publishing some of the best and known titles. Talking of the game follows a battle royal approach in which 20 teams of 3 people or 30 teams of 2 people are supposed to defeat each other, and the last team standing will be the winner. Now it may seem like any other battle royal game, but some factors in the game are unique to Apex legends. Moving on to today’s topic, our PC users are finding it hard to play the game. An error appears saying invalid game executable whenever the user launches the game.

 Invalid Game Executable in Apex Legends

Causes Of Invalid Game Executable Error Problem

If you are also getting the same issue, we would like you to know that some known reasons trigger this crash issue. For Starters, your antivirus like Avast, these antiviruses for no reason, put the executable or .exe file into the Quarantine folder or delete it. Furthermore, there are chances that your game files have got corrupted or not working correctly. Also, the game has a prebuilt anti-cheat engine. If you are using windows 10, the issue might occur due to incompatibility between the systems and the anti-cheat engine. More causes of the paladins Invalid Game Executable issue are stated below.

  • Active Antivirus
  • Corrupted Game Files
  • Incompatibility with Windows 10
  • Cheat Engine Issue
  • Outdated Windows

Similar Types Of Invalid Game Executable Error Issues

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  • No game executable entry was found in the catalog paladins.

How to Fix Invalid Game Executable Error Problem Issue

Now let’s proceed to all the possible methods and ways by which you can resolve the apex legends Invalid Game Executable in Apex Legends issue.

1. Recover the Launcher/.exe File from your Antivirus

Antiviruses like AVG, Avast, Quick Heal, and similar are known to be the cause behind such Invalid Game Executable win64 paladins.exe issues. These antiviruses, for some reason, consider the game launcher file to be a potential threat to the system and thus remove the file from the installation folder and put it into the Quarantine or similarly named folder. 

Although most of the time, they can be recovered easily, sometimes your Antivirus deletes the files right away. To check and recover the file, follow the below steps.

  • STEP 1. Open up your Antivirus Program
  • STEP 2. Locate the Quarantine tab or option, and it should be under General or Advanced or similar menu
  • STEP 3. Once you get into the Quarantine Folder, restore the file
  • STEP 4. Now run the game, and it should work just fine

 Invalid Game Executable in Apex Legends

2. Repair Game Cache Files

If you have recently made changes in the game or updated the game, then there are chances that the cache files might have got affected. Sometimes they get corrupted, and thus you get the smite invalid game executable issue.

The most effective way would be to repair the cache files. Follow the below steps to do so.

  • STEP 1. While the Origin Game Client is running, head to your Game Library
  • STEP 2. Now Go to Apex legends, and beside the play button, click on the gear icon
  • STEP 3. From the Context menu, choose Repair

Apex legends

  • STEP 4. Let the process complete once done. Try running the game

3. Run the Game With Windows 7 Compatibility

If you are using Windows 10, let us tell you that the game is not compatible with windows 10 completely. Some users can easily run the game, while some are not.

To fix this Invalid Game Executable win64/paladins.exe issue, you must run the game with Windows 7 compatibility.

  • STEP 1. Head to the game file location
  • STEP 2. Locate the launcher file of the game
  • STEP 3. Now right-click> and go to Properties
  • STEP 4. Now go to the Compatibility tab
  • STEP5. Below is the checkmark on running this program with compatibility 
  • STEP 6. From the drop-down menu, choose Windows 7

Apex legends

  • STEP 7. Finally, save the changes and try running the game

4. Fix the Anti Cheat Engine Issue

Another known Invalid Game Executable apex issue is the anti-cheat engine, and there are chances that the anti-cheat engine services might not be responding correctly.

To fix this, you have to launch the engine manually. Follow the steps to do so.

  • STEP 1. Makes sure that the game is completely closed
  • STEP 2. Now head to My computer and follow the below path
This PC\ Local Disk (C:)\ Program Files \ Origin Games\ Apex\
  • STEP 3. Once you are inside the folder, head to the EasyAntiCheat folder
  • STEP 4. Here you will find the EasyAntiCheat.exe file, right-click on it and Run as an administrator


  • STEP 5. Once the program is opened up, from the drop-down menu, select Respawn First


  • STEP 6. Finally, click finish. Once done, you can now run the game

5. Clearing Out Cache Files Mannually

If your Invalid Game Executable paladins issue is still not fixed, you must clear out the cache files manually.

  • STEP 1. Makes sure that the game is completely closed
  • STEP 2. Now head to My computer and follow the below path
C:\Users\"Username"\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\local

C:\Users\"Username"\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\local

  • STEP 3. The files are hidden, so you have to make them visible
  • STEP 4. Finally, select all and delete all the files and folder
  • STEP 5. Now restart your system and run the game


The above guide has covered solutions to fix the Invalid Game Executable in Apex Legends. The issue is due to multiple reasons, and using the above solutions will be fixed as soon as possible.

We hope that your Invalid Game Executable query has been resolved. For more guides on gaming, follow us.


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