Overwatch is a multiplayer team-based game. You can choose your player from a wide roaster of 30 heroes that have a unique fighting style. A team consists of six members each. Once the teams are ready, the fun begins. The team aims to secure the control points that are located on the map. Furthermore, you also have to escort a payload across the map in a particular amount of time. The game has gone very famous due to the recent rise in multiplayer games. Moving on to today’s topic, overwatch crashes on launch. If you are a PC user and getting the crash issue while launching the game or the game crashes in the middle of the gameplay, follow this guide.

overwatch crashes on launch

Causes Of Overwatch Crashes on Launch Problem

There have been a lot of complaints from the users regarding the crash issue of the game. Although the game does not has any bugs, but some things affect the game and make it crash. For starters, if you are using a Razer Chroma SDK on your system, then the game might crash; although the reason is unknown, It has been found that disabling this application fixes the Overwatch Crashes on Launch issue. Furthermore, if you have overclocked your graphics, then also the game crashes. Also if you have multiple versions of Visual C++ installed on your system then also the issue might persist. There are some other causes as well, all of them are mentioned below.

  • Razer Chroma SDK
  • Multiple version of Visual C++
  • Overclocked GPU
  • Display resolution
  • Outdated Game, windows, or Graphics Driver

Similar Types Of Overwatch Crashes on Launch Issue

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  • Overwatch black screen crash
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How to Fix Overwatch Crashes on Launch Error Problem Issue

In order to fix the Overwatch Crashes on Launch issue, below are the legit and known ways to fix this issue.

1. Things to Check

So before proceeding to any of the below Overwatch Crashes on Launch windows 10 methods, you must go through this basic checklist first. Make sure that all the below things are verified.

  • Check Windows Updates
  • Check Game Updates
  • Check Graphics Driver Updates

If all of the above three things are fine and up to date, proceed to the below Overwatch Crashes on Launch methods.

2. Uninstall Razer Chroma SDK

One of the major and known causes of Overwatch Crashes on Launch 2019 is the Razer Chroma SDK. This is a software development kit that allows the razer devices to communicate effortlessly without installing any additional driver. However, it is causing the overwatch to crash for some unknown reasons. To run the game without issues, you have to uninstall the program. 

  • STEP 1. On the Keyboard, press the windows+r key
  • STEP 2. Type appwiz.cpl then hit Enter

overwatch crashes on launch

  • STEP 3. Now on the right, you see a programs list
  • STEP 4. Locate Razer Chroma SDK; once you have found it,

overwatch crashes on launch

  • STEP 5. Now on the to click on the Uninstall button
  • STEP 6. Once the program is uninstalled, you have to restart your PC
  • STEP 7. After restarting try launching the game

3. Uninstall Multiple Versions of MS Visual C++

Another reason behind the Overwatch Crashes on Launch 2018 issue of the game is the multiple version of MS Visual C++ installed onto your system. Multiple version creates confliction and thus the game crashes. So it is suggested that you must uninstall the below-stated MS Visual C++ versions.

  • MS Visual C++ 2010
  • MS Visual C++ 2012
  • MS Visual C++ 2013
  • MS Visual C++ 2017

To uninstall follow the Overwatch Crashes on Launch steps mentioned in Method 1, it is recommended that you must uninstall only the above-mentioned versions.

microsoft visual

4. Change the GPU Configurations to Default

If you have overclocked your GPU or CPU it might also be the cause why the game is Overwatch Crashes on Launch windows 10. So make sure to keep the default value of the GPU/CPU. Do not overclock.

Overclocking may increase your performance by some percent, but it has various adverse effects as well. Furthermore, in the long run, it might even damage the system completely. That is why games have prebuilt technology to detect if the CPU/GPU is overclocked or not. If overclocked, the game closes.


5. Repair the Game

In case all of the above-mentioned methods did not work for you then you can try repairing the game also. Follow the below Overwatch Crashes on Launch 2019 methods to do that.

  • STEP 1. While you are on your desktop, launch the Blizzard Battle.net launcher
  • STEP 2. Go to the Games tab, select Overwatch
  • STEP 3. Then on the left, click on the settings icon at the bottom
  • STEP 4. Now select Scan and Repair

Scan and Repair

  • STEP 5. Once the process is finished, try running the game

In the above guide, we have tried to cover all the possible ways by which you can fix overwatch crashes on launch issue.

We hope that this guide solves your Overwatch Crashes on Launch issue. For more similar guides, follow us. Thank you!


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